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Discussion in 'Pork' started by lexscsmoker, Oct 8, 2009.

  1. lexscsmoker

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    Got a question. I plan on smoking a small Butt and a rack of Spares. They are going to be eaten @ 6p Saturday night. I double booked myself for Saturday morning/afternoon and may not have time to smoke this stuff Sat morning. What is the most amount of time I could leave a freshly smoked rack and butt without having to refridgerate? I wanted to smoke the Butt Friday night/early morning then put it in a cooler.
  2. pignit

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    I've held a butt in the cooler for a little over 5 hours and it was still hot. I don't think your ribs are gonna last near that long. I would fridge the ribs and slam them on the grill to heat them back up. I've done this and they are excellent. If you like sauce... sauce them up before you put them in the fridge and that will caramalize when you heat em up.
  3. scpatterson

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    I would put mine in the fridge and jut throw back on the the heat, In my opinion thats too long of a stretch to try to keep without putting into the fridge especially with the ribs...Make sure your temps dont get down to unsafe levels
  4. forluvofsmoke

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    They ^^^^ covered ya there...agreed...good advice.

  5. lexscsmoker

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    Thanks guys. The only problem I thought I would encounter with the ribs would be if they were to get tough. What do you think about taking them out of the fridge then foiling and placing in the oven? Just want to get the taste I would get if I were to go from smoker to plate.
    If this was going to be eaten just by me and my family then I wouldn't worry about it but friends I haven't seen in awhile will be eating them and you know I have to make their mouths water.
  6. forluvofsmoke

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    If you have a roasting pan or 2 that are large enough to accomodate for the ribs, you can place them in the pan(s) and cover, using just a touch of water, and set the oven at 250-275*. Foil should do the same job.

    I just reheated some PP & spares lastnight in a covered pan @ 300* and my wife even said it tasted like it just came out of the smoker. I will say that the texture of the spares were very soft, and of course the bark was soft, FYI. So, if tender is you goal, you'll have that for sure.

    Good luck!

  7. lexscsmoker

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    I appreciate your help Eric. I'll do that. I have some spare roasting pans.

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