Spare ribs

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Aug 23, 2007
How many of you trim your ribs? By trim I mean turn them from KC to St Louis style?

I trim mine if i need to get more than a couple on my smoker, but I think I actually prefer to have them KC style?

Just a conversation starter.
I always trim mine St. Lois style. It just seems easier to handle and to control some of the fat that my wife objects to. Glad she doesn't object me!
I trim mine St Louis style because most people don't know how to deal with those little white cartledge thingies and might tend to think I did something weird to the ribs!
I never trimmed before, but after coming here I learned how to now and will try some trimmed the next time I smoke them.. I will smoke the trimmed parts also, there is some good meat on the ends..

Debi good point... My Bro inlaw was in town a while back and I smoked ribs and his kids looked at them funny ?? I bet this is why.. Then never had then untrimmed..
I do the trimmed ends separate kind of like a pork chop with lots o bones. Sometimes I freeze the meatier part for sausage. After 4 or 5 packs of double ribs there enough for sausage - 10 fatties commin up!
I would trim mine st louis style cause i cant stand that grissely crud.
I been cookin back ribs simply cause I cot a couple cases at less than 3$ a slab. Couldnt pass on that one.
When doing spares for just my wife and I ,I just pull the membrane and don't worry about trimming. For comps and catering, I do the St. Louis trim. I almost always cook the trimminngs and either freeze them for a later meal or use them as snacks while cooking....You can also shred/chop them after cooking and save them (in the freezer) for your hash pot.
I mostly just cut the bones from the top and leave the gristle on the bone. makes for great treats for the little crumb sucker
I love this forum!!

I have to admit that St Louis style is pretty, and I do it when I am in a comp.

I also save the trimmed off part when i trim, and cook it the same way. A little more work, but nice to pick at and eat by myself.
I do St Louis Style because I can get more in the smoker that way. Just using a modified ECB for now. Use rib racks for the trimmed ribs and put the trimmings around them. Trimmings get devoured during the cook as they get done. My kids and neighbor look forward to them. They have a problem with patience just like I do once the smoke and meat juices start flowing....Instead of "are we there yet" I get "is it done yet?"

I don't know how many of your mommas made a big pot of ham and beans now and then, but smoke the trimming as you do the ribs, and substitute them in the pot for the ham.

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