Spare Ribs

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    Since we have the group going now. I wanted to get some threads going. Thanks again for everyone who's joined so far and please tell your buddies on here to get on board.

    Had some spare ribs in the freezer for some time now, after thawing, I salted them last night and placed back in the fridge over night. Fired up the mini with Royal Oaks lump and came back in to coat the ribs in EVOO and my own home-brew rub.

    Got the mini up to around 250 or so and threw em on over some apple wood chips. After the smoke died I applied another round of apple chips as they seem to burn quicker (obviously) than the chunks. Anywho, I sprayed them with a 90-10 mixture of ACV and apple juice roughly every hour. Smoked for 5 total hours, no wrapping, just smoking at a solid 225.

    Finished product. I tossed a hickory chunk on there in the last hour just for the heck of it. Thanks for looking fellas, god bless and good luck out there!
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  2. Those look awesome!  Bet there are none left over...[​IMG]

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