Spare ribs and rub

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Meat Mopper
Original poster
Jul 16, 2006
NW Arkansas
Trying my fist spare ribs and a new store bought rub. It is made by Durkee and called Grill we will see...
Any one used this before?
I've seen it, havn't used it. After the smoke, make sure you pull off one of those ribs and try it plain (rub only) so we can get the scoop on the rub flavor...
Hi SWalker, Sounds like a plan let us know how the ribs came out and we do enjoy pictures..

Sorry guys, I mopped them in tin foil....will try the rub again and pull some off with out any sauce to see. I found out the half block west of me is cooking out tonight. (good neighbors) I think they smelled my ribs, hehe!!! So I will take them over there for everyone. Anxious to see what all they have fixed... My wife fixed a mellon basket...It looks great too. Watermellon, Cantelope, Grapes, etc.... Enjoy!!! It's Hot here in AR...

THE RIBS ARE LOOKING GOOD TOO!!!! MY FIRST SPARE RIBS...You know what happens when you please don't take this as bragging rights!!!!

I use the durkee rub sometimes and it's my favorite easily accessible off the shelf rub. I buy it in a large container at Sam's. It's great on a shoulder. On ribs, I've learned you have to be a little conservative, or it will make them too salty. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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