Spare ribs and baby backs

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Jan 25, 2007
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I've got a rack of baby backs and a rack of spare ribs on with some brats and hot links. Temps are a little low but nothing I don't think I can overcome. Getting ready to do the first mop of apple juice and was wondering, do y'all flip your ribs over when you mop or leave them bone side down?
Ok, thanks Linescum & Theresa I'll flip 'em back over when I mop again in a few minutes.
Yup, bones down. Not much meat on the bone side and the mop will work its way down to the bone side anyway. You are applying the mass of mop to the meat where it will be absorbed.

Tried a rack of baby backs yesterday and I used the "3-2-1" method (but modified it to 2-2-1. First time I ever foiled Q. Two hrs at 225-245 (sprayed with cidar vinegar after the 1st hr), foiled for another 2 hrs after spraying them again), then sauced them unwrapped for the last hour. Came out moist and tender with a beautiful smoke ring! I must say that they were the best ribs I have ever done. Even the little mrs liked them alot (she does'nt care for the "smoked" flavor of Q).

This goes out to all who posted using that method for ribs. Thank you very much for sharing the info.

PS- I would have taken pictures, but I'm extremely computer stupid ( the mrs is the computer guru) and don't know how. We cant even get my avatar to enlarge after trying several times. Any suggestions?
How often do you guys Spray/Mop your ribs?? I have a big homeade smoker with a big door so I lose alot of heat when I open it..... I am thinking about using an Apple Pineapple juice mix for my next set of pork ribs.... I do the 3-2-1 method and usually put some juice in the foil with my pork ribs and some Beer in the foil with my beef ribs
I also have a big homemade smoker with a big door. I spritz mine halfway through the 3 hour section. I give it 90 minutes and get all my stuffage ready, open the door, move the ribs just a tad to insure they are not sticking, and SQUIRT SQUIRT SQUIRT, then close the door quickly. Total time open is usually less than a minute, maybe 90 seconds if I am taking pictures for folks.

Same thing when I am foiling. I have pans laid out with the foil already lined on the table. I open the door, grab the ribs with tongs and place them into the pan. Grab the next rack and put them in their pan and so on depending on how many I am cooking. Once I get the ribs off the grill and into pans, I close the doors back up and handle my wrapping and juicing. Once I have all the foil pouches ready, I open the door and place the pouches back inside quickly and close the door. Total time with doors open 60-90 seconds.

Another trick I use sometimes if I know the door will be open for a while, I get a chimney of lump started off to the side and add it in when I close the doors back. This gives a quick burst of heat to get temps back up to 225ish. It just takes practice to learn how much fuel to use to regulate your temps.
Great tips Zardnock, I never had to worry to much about that stuff, but I'm gonna need to pretty soon.....I especially like the chimney of lump trick, Thanks
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