Spare Rib Run.

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Jul 21, 2006
Erie Colorado
The spares are on (as of noon). Got a good Hickory rollin' over 'em right now. At about 2pm, I'm adding a beer can chicken (yeah, it'll have beer in it). Kickin back now to enjoy the veiw of the smoke, and a cold beer...
Sitting at work trying to decide if it will be McD for lunch or some other burger joint.

YOU WIN!!!!!

Have fun, and enjoy a cold one for me. my day somehow seems to suck, compared to your day.

Any pics?
Sorry to here that the day sucks Gary. Here is a 2:30 pic fellas, got the yard bird in at 2pm. Some of the rib trimmins' tasted good at 2, looking to eat at about 7. Joe, I need to see some shots of that PH again please. Talk again...

JMack, I'll be taking just a few of this one, It's not as large as the last one.. going to have "golden beets with it and may put some tators on the grill as well to give them a smokey flavor. What time is dinner over there? Sounds like you may need help getting rid of some food :)

You two better bring some jerky to the airport today. Sounds like some FOOLS overseas came up with a plan that didn't go over too well, causing loooooong delays everywhere. Dinner at 7, I can't be held liable, though, if y'all get here and there's nothing left! Can you guys see the smoke..?
We can see the smoke... as well as the ribs, looks good! I'll never make it by 7pm. If I could e-mail myself I might be able too ..

Looking good JMack :!:

It's 5PM in Louisiana so I'm not even going to threaten you with my presence. Enjoy your ribs and your day off. 8)
Thanks Roger! I'm washin' down the smoke with a cold one now! Why not, 5pm is happy hour, aint it? Almost done, I'll get the pics up soon...
Great lookin' grub SmokeMack! Its 7:00pm here in Ohio but I'm still stuck at work for another two hours...Come 9:00pm though...Watch Out! The cold ones will be flowing freely!

Well, here's the skinny... Ribs and chicken were ready at about 8pm. I was very pleased with the results. The spares had a nice smoke ring, and the hickory gave great flavor! The meat was moist, and had just the right texture.

The chicken was perfect. Moist and very flavorful. Just a twist of the bones, and out they came. Question: The skin was crispy to the touch, but was a bit chewy. Is that the norm? We ate the whole bird and half of the spares.

This was by far my best smoke yet, the girls agreed.
Grade = A- (Mom said that if I had done baby backs I would've got an A+).
Needles to say, next week it's baby backs and wings (the girls want wings).
Thanks for hanging with me yesterday guys, I enjoyed it! Have a good day all!!
Way to go SmokeMack! Your repast looks absolutely AWESOME! You are really getting the hang of things! I can practically taste those ribs right through my monitor.

BTW, chewy rubbery skin is the norm when chicken is cooked low and slow. If you want crispier skin, try raising the temp in your smoker to 300* for the last hour. If you are smoking multiple meats, just stagger the times that you put everything in so that you can pull your ribs or shoulders out first and let the chix finish up at the higher temps.

JMack, Nice Job!!!!!!!!!!! nice smoke ring as well .. Dang, I just bit my tongue .. what more can I say other than WOW!!

Nice Job, SmokeMack. An excellent spread you have there. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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