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Discussion in 'Pork' started by fireangel, Aug 31, 2009.

  1. fireangel

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    I did some spare ribs this weekend on my 7 in 1. I did 4 half racks for three hours and then foiled them for 1 hour and then just opened the foil for the last about 45 mins. They were good and came right off the bone, but I had alot of pull back on a couple of the half racks, like almost an inch when I opened the foil. I did not think to take photos as I was really working to keep constant temps as we had more wind than forecasted. They were good, but I think that they could be better any suggestions? Should I switch the racks from bottom to top while they are foiled, do you think some of them maybe got a little too much heat and were overdone?
  2. pineywoods

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    I have heard the 7-1's often have a big difference in temps I would rotate them before foil about half way thru then again while in foil. It could also just be differences in the meat no two pieces cook the same it seems
  3. alx

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    The heat can be issue like that with my WSM.I always start the thick end out toward edges(hotter) to avoid the hottest part being on the thinner bone ends.

    Like Pineywoods said meat can really vary.
  4. fireangel

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    Thanks for the response!! That is kind of what I was thinking. I did rotate them before they were foiled once, but kind of forgot after they were foiled. I guess I started getting other things ready and forgot.
  5. walle

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    In addition to the other comments, I don't have a 7 in 1, but I've cooked lots of ribs in a lot of different contraptions, with one common conclusion - if you're sticking to the foil, you're Q'en too hot. My rib cooks generally go for at least six hours - that extra hour can make all the difference, as torchourous as it can be!
  6. fireangel

    fireangel Fire Starter

    Thanks everyone!

    Tracey, they weren't sticking to the foil, they just had a lot of pull back during the foil. I mean about an inch or more in just that one hour.

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