Souvlaki sausage?

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  1. I really love souvlaki kabobs and was wondering if anyone had a recipe for souvlaki sausage. Could I use the recipe for marinade and add to ground meat ,stuff and freeze.
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    That sounds like a great idea. While I don't have an actual recipe, maybe we could get on the right track to adapt one to sausage-style. I assume that you would want to smoke it, but if you don't just remove the 1 Tsp cure. The souvlaki I always have is made with pork, just because lamb costs so much. So that's what I'm using here. Sub Lamb if you wish:

    5 Lbs 75:25 Lean:Fat/trimmings pork -or-
    5 Lbs 75:25 Lamb: Pork fat/trimmings
    8 Tsp salt
    1 Tsp Cure
    1 C White Wine
    5-8 Cloves Garlic
    1/4 C Onion
    2 Tsp pepper
    1 Tsp Marjoram/Thyme/Oregano
    1 Tsp sugar
    Juice of 1/2 lemon

    I think that this would work, but look it over and change amounts if you wish. I've found that for any garlic-type sausage you should have at least one good sized clove of garlic per pound of meat. I would simmer the onion and garlic and spices in some of the wine until the garlic and onion are tender, then puree and chill, add the rest of the wine and juice and salt and cure and add to your meat.

    Let me know what you think - I'd like to try this too!

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