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The wife and I just had a wonderful 4 day weekend, Saturday 9/11 through 9/14, flying from Fort Worth to Albuquerque, NM.  Our oldest son has a corporate apartment there (as well as in several other cities he does business with, that his techs go to and services customers, officing from the apartment with - a lot cheaper than staying in motels and then renting office space too!).  Flew in Saturday afternoon, flew out Tuesday morning, using a corporate SUV to travel with while there.  A good friend as well as a CEO of one of his businesses he services met us at the airport and brought us to the apartment, and provided us with major places to go to, see, etc. We went to Old Town in the heart of the city, shopping, sightseeing, out to dinner, ate authentic NM food (not Tex Mex!), contemplating the merits of Green Chiles vs. Red Chiles, etc.  Come Monday afternoon we were faced with two choices, either go to one of the malls in town or go out and gamble a bit - the gambling won out!  We went to a new place way west of town, about 20 mi. out called Route 66.  Now, here's scrub brush for miles around, not even a single house for miles, and you come over a hill and there's a huge hotel and casino nestled in the valley!  Nothing else, no fast foods or gas stations, nothing!




So what does this have to do with pork, you may ask?  Well, we did gamble a little on the slots (made about $25, didn't lose any, and had a GREAT buffet for $6.95 each, then toured the souvenir shop), where I found a little gem I couldn't pass up - a change purse out of a little sock.  I'd been looking for something light to keep my change in, bigger than the standard plastic ones with the center slit.   But, the unique thing was what was printed on it... flying angel piggies... just the fate us BBQ'ers wish on their little tanned hides, providing us with their awesome 'Que!   What better a souvenir could I have gotten?!


Made the trip worthwhile!

Plus, I also met the owner and editor of a quarterly food magazine who is interested in smoking meats, more on that later!


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Nice trip, Pops!  I have donated to that same casino in the past.  I think it was in 2004 on the way to an RV Rally at the balloon park in Albuquerque.


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Sounds like a great trip Pops - glad ya had a good time


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Glad ya'll had a good trip sounds like fun!!!!!!


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Fun trip! I soooooo miss the food in NM, lived in Taos for 10 ys. off and on growing up. Nothing beats going to a burger joint and the question is green, red, or christmas..... meaning you want green chili on that burger, red chili, or both!


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Now thats too cool there Pops. I made a sign for "The Flying Pig" resturant when I was doing hand carved signs once. I have been looking for a flying pig statue or wall mount thing since. My your new little piggy never be empty.
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There was a fork in the road.  One way led to the mall, one way led to the casino.

Whew!  You made the right call! 

Bonus: a pretty sweet little souvenir!  


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Cool find and sounds like a good trip


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Sounds like you had a good time Pops... 

when I saw that purse the first thing that came to mind was "When Pigs Fly". LOL

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