soooo darn hot

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May 5, 2007
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according to the weather it's 96-100 ( today's heat index was117) w/ no wind & i gotta "practice" for this comp....even the dawg won't come out for a meaty rib bone....can you say supersoaker5000...... forget the food... i'm spritzing me....
Know what ya' mean Gypsy... hotter than heck here too, with 200% humidity! I walked out of the house this morning, it felt like walking into a sauna... and that was at 5:30am!

Oh well, it is summer after all...
ok this is getting rediculous.... 102 here today & tomorrow,it was still 89 @ 10pm last night & the folks back home are getting t.s. erin-like they really need the rain.... ya can't even drink the city water in corpus right now...
Good luck to you folks in Texas. Hope the storm isn't too terribly bad. From here, it looks like a little wind and rain but not a biggie. I'm on the beach in the Florida panhandle and am keeping a close eye on the next one coming in from the Atlantic. Looks like it is supposed to reach hurricane strength tomorrow and by the weekend perhaps enter the gulf. Next week is going to be interesting for all of us from Texas all the way around to Florida west coast ...... at least until it makes it's mind up as to where it's going to land. Good luck to all of us.
We are in our tenth day in a row over 100°, one of those was 107°,four were 106° and they say it will not end till Sunday when it's 99°. I won't even talk about the heat indexes. We are also in what they call an exceptional drought(the worst it can get). It looks like the middle of Oct because all the trees behind my house are shedding their leaves
Well where im located at in texas we should have started this heat wave in mid june. Now there talking rain again this weekend I have never seen this kind of messed up weather this time of year.
We have a cold front moving through Kansas for the rest of this week. Highs only in the mid 90s! I can't believe I am excited about mid 90s.
Thank God we broke our heat wave on Friday. Yesterday was the best day we've had all year! Cool 80's and no humidity that I could feel.

The nights have dropped into the 50's and I even had to turn my window fan off last night cause I got cold (doesn't happen often these days - with my damn broken internal thermostat

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