Somthing Screwy with the Forum

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Jan 25, 2007
Is anyone else having trouble:

1) getting the forum to come trouble with anything else so it's not my computer or server

2) showing posts that have new responses???
no problems here ...........

If yours keeps up just PM Jeff, and he may see something behind the scene.
Thanks Randy....will do.
Thanks Debi, same thing here, wanted to make sure It wasn't just me.

So... whatcha cooking tonight???
Sounds good Debi...embarresed to say were making a meal of crackers and cheese and some cocktail shrimp... didn't feel like cooking or even reheating tonight

Plus Bud is glued to the NCAA games!!!!!
Well Theresa -

I am alergic to shell fish but the people I know that eat it say it's really great stuff.

Sometimes all I want is a bowl of shredded wheat or an omelette for supper, Jessie does care what we eat as long as it's food. Although this "big Meat" thing with smoking all the time is not objectionable!

Sure wish ya'll could make it to the " gathering" in june. Would love to meet you both....... and everyone else for that matter!!!!
Looking good as usual smoked!! What's in the bowl next to the beans??
Oh, good!!! From a distance they looked a bit like meal worms
couldn't imagine.
LMAO thats what i thought they were... i have heard of eating naturally but that goes a little too far for

mind you i dont find meal worms horrible when i catch whats in my avatar
Maybe because I used to have an aquarium that's what I thought of, either that or to much animal
i use them for ice best bait for perch and other panfish

as for the food for aquarium life... i use to buy the giant ones for my friends(god bless his soul) lizards and snakes.. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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