Sometimes, Mother Nature takes over

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Jul 7, 2005
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Sunday afternoon (before I screwed up my shoulder) Ma Dutch and me decided to put together a meatloaf and get it into the smoker for supper. We got the meatloaf ready and I went out to the GOSM to get it ready. I had no sooner got the smoker door part way opened when all of a sudden I was being beaten about the gut and chest by a bird.

Seems that Mother Nature decided that my GOSM would make a fine nesting site for one of her feathered charges. Well since Ma Nature has a hand in providing the wood that I use to smoke with, I guess I owe her one.

BTW- It's a good idea to CLOSE your vents when your not using the smoker!


Tom, you remember the "Smoked Eggs" thread awhile back?
I mentioned it to Ma Dutch and she threatened to try and bend my best cast iron fry pan over my noggin

May have to settle for some smoked cornish hens when mamma and baby birds move on.

Ma Nature is tryin' to tell you to keep that GOSM lit! My Chargriller sat for some time this winter, I made sure to look for any mice nest prior to building a fire (like I have to do for my gas grill) ............... no attacks here. Hope the mama bird sticks around ......... I hate to think of you or Ma Dutch feeding baby birds with regurgit .......... well never mind!!!!!!!
That is the plain truth right there, Rodger. Even the Mrs. admitted that she's missing the 'que so I'm going to try and wrangle an off-set smoker out of the whole bird/nest thing!
Camo, these eggs are blue but the momma bird is black with a yellow beak and sizewise is between a robin and a sparrow.

My 11 year old grandson informed me that robin's eggs are blue "speckled", so it's anybody's guess as to the type of bird this is.
Dutch, I don't know what kind of bird it, ya gotta admit...that is classic!!!
That's too funny! I can hear that now, walking back in the door with your vittles still on the tray...Hon you're not going to believe this...I thought they looked like Robin's eggs also, but if there was a black bird in there, one of two things, it was raiding the nest, or they are black bird eggs...Blackbirds don't raise canaries (or robins for that matter).
Well, 3 of the 5 eggs have hatched out-really can't wait til the fly away. Really need a smoke fix!!

Maybe if I "accidentally" leave the door open and quietly call "Here kitty, kitty"??
Nope, ain't prudent, ain't gonna do it! If I do, Ma Dutch will bend one of my frying pans over my noggin!!

Hey Paul, your pictures are showing up for me-all I get is a red X in a box.
I'm not going to put another bird in the GOSM until Thanksgiving time. I'm hungry for some RIBS!
Yo Dutch,
I think the real problem has been fleshed out. SOMEBODY isn't using their smoker often enough!! Now that you have the new bird family, I hope you enjoy watching the growth and development of the whole. But what the heck.... McDonalds is probably not far away. As for me, I think I'll do a brisket this weekend. Now is that ugly or what?????? is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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