someone is bringing me a 55g drum....

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OTBS Member how do I build a smoker??? What are some ideas??

(it had a liner in the drum, so I believe it is clean, if not I'll get it sandblasted or whatever to get it in shape)

This smokin' is taking over my life.....but I dont need savin'


Lisa, you got bit hard!! Unless you can weld or know somewho can, it's cheaper to buy an offset, IMO.
Don't blame me.........!! This stuff's good, isn't it?
just curious on that netrelief plan- whats the purpose of the 1st flue or the left end smoke stack- 1st flue negates the left end rack & even if not, the left end stack negates the smoke flow to the right end rack ( btw the right end rack would be hotter w/ fire directly underneath) i wish i had a scanner as this point may not get across-but i have seen upright 55 gal smokers w/ a bottom door (wood on 1 side & a top door on the opposite, split along the bevels in 3 sections evenly w/the smoke stack straight up & a 90 deg. on it w/ a slide damper.) hard to get across typing but look @ old whiskey stills.
the second flue actually evens the temp out better... the first original plans came with just one flue and the temps and heat retention were not good

once a baffle is installed on the bottom of the cook barrel, the temps hold steady and even(from what i have read)

i am in the process of getting all the material to build a smoker similar to that... except mine will be made of old air compressor tanks.... 15-20 gallon on bottom... 45-80 gallon cook tank

the purpose of the second stack for my build is that i am going to incorporate it into a cold smoker
i like that one as well but the only thing i would change on it is where the chimney is...

i would change it to two chimney's, one on each end at grate level, get better air flow...just my opinion though
I say make a UDS (ugly drum smoker) or BDS (Big Drum Smoker) clone. If I had a choice, the UDS. Why? Well can you imagine a butt ugly barrel that produces some quality 'Q? You'd be the envy of all yur friends.
I thought about it, but I already have two uprights and I wanted one that was wide to hold something bigger. I have a lot of reading to do before I even start. I first even have to find a plan. But I'll get there

this was my first plan or was it my second...maybe it was the

instead of the drums i was going to originally i am using old air compressor tanks... i figured i only would have to build it once and then tweak it as needed...

I forget the name right now, but I remember seeing a company that sold a kit to make once of the. It had the door, hinges, etc. Maybe someone will come along and remember the name of the company.
Yes, your plans are great and I love the one, but I havent yet decided
on what I need to do :)

I just want to make sure it is soemthing I can handle :) The site you posted above will be a BIG help for me, thanks :):)

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