some body please shoot me

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bigarm's smokin

Gone but not forgotten. RIP
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Apr 19, 2007
BigArm MT
I got bad news today. The governer just put stage two fire restrictions into effect starting monday. This means I can no longer use my stick burner. I don't think a gas burner or charcoal is permited either. I can understand it, its VERY dry here. Sky is full of smoke from the fires all around us. I just didn't think we would be shut down that quick. The hoot owl restrictions will be enforced starting monday. That means you must shut down any device such as chain saws, lawn mowers, logging machinery, etc, by 1:00 P.M. And patrol the area for, I think, 3 hours. Dang summer heat and drought. I will do my last smoke on sunday. Hopefully we will get lots of Sept. rains and break out the BBQ again! Y'all have a great summer and keep those posts coming! Terry
Awww man, that does suck out loud! Well, I guess you'd better smoke up a big load and freeze it to get ya' through the drought...
Geez, Terry!

Wish I had a way to ship some of the wet weather we are having here out your way! Not complaining, mind you. Just wishing I could help.

Last time we had it bad was about seven years ago and it was bad. Springs and even drilled wells were drying up. The farmers had a hell of a time keeping livestock hydrated and the corn crop was devastated. So I can understand your frustration also!

Hope it turns around soon!

I'm way ahead of ya Gypsy. trouble is, too damn hot to fish!! Montana has been at or near 100 for a couple weeks. Thats hard on us old fat boys. I wish we could get some east coast rain! BUT, I will make do with rum and coke!! Thanks guys. Terry
Concrete??? We aren't rich like you Nor Dakotians, I thought I was doing good to put some 3/4 crushed around the smoker a few weeks ago! haha, you both are right though, I will ck them out. Thanks, Terry
Sorry about you being shut down come Monday. But, glad to know you aren't in the way of any fires and you're safe. The weather will always change and you'll be back at it. Let's keep hearing from you during your period of abstinence.
Gee, where did you get all those smarts? The local TV just said that it will be stage one fire alert, which means we can use a stick burner. My trouble is, I live on a reservation, so the tribe controls what happens here, and they ALWAYS say, no, thats not enough, so I am sure that stage two is coming very soon. Thanks for your thoughts every one! Terry
haha, SMART ASS! If you only knew Gypsy. I guess you have to live on the rez to appreciate your statement. Fire water and some tribal members, NOT all,just a few, is a nasty combo. But, I guess that holds true for everyone. Good thing that you and me can have a few and just get sweeter, and sweeter, and sweeter!!
lol- rum is in the eye of the beholder - and on the chin... and... yes i know native americans(being part comanche)and fire water don't get along so well... good thing i got some viking & irish to even my temperment.
Viking and Irish, yes, a calm, even tempered people, even while on booze. haha, you make me smile my friend! Thanks for your friendship. Terry
Hang in there Terry! I'd pump out my basement and send out if I could, but them my house is so small I'd only fill a kiddie pool!
You could install a spark arrestor on the stack of your stick burner. Back when I was railroading they made us put them on locomotive stacks to stop the sparks from carbon buildup inside the exhaust manifold from setting right of way and forest fires.
Pretty simple device, mostly fine mesh screen. You have to clean it occasionally.
Hay Big Arm! Being from that part of the country I understand your amazement at the weather not that "global warming" exists. I'm stuck in Texas which should be hot as hell this time of year and its been raining for bloody weeks! I'd trade you a few dry days for a few wet ones!
Your idea makes perfect sense. When I brought that same thought to the fire officials during the same situation a few years ago, I was basiclly told, "what part of NO, don't you understand" NO FIRE!

Az, all the gambling on the reservation is shut down cause the state and the tribe can't agree on who is the boss, so no gambling till they sign an agreement. Thats ok, I don't gamble anyway.
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