So I'm new....

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Jul 25, 2006
Columbus, Ohio
Just got a Charbroil Silver Smoker for my birthday from the wife.
All right Woody,

Gonna have to cut down some more trees to feed that baby :D .

I had a brinkman smoke'n'pit made like that for a while, but my oldest son thought he needed it worse.
Woody, welcome to SMF. Don't know your smoking experience, but check out tulsajeffs 5-day eCourse. It has a lot of great info to get you going if you are a newbie and if you've been at it awhile it's nice to have in case you have questions or your forgetter is working overtime!

Check out the forum and see what others have done and let inspiration take over!

thanks, i have been getting the ecourse. one question I have is this, perhaps you can answer it.

if you're using chunk charcoal, how long should you keep it in the chimmney smoker before you put it in the firebox?

what if you want to use hardwood (not charcoal). should you start the wood in a chimney BEFORE you put it in the firebox, or can you start the fire in the firebox? and then replenish not with coals but with wood in the 'box?
If your going to use an all wood fire, you may want to build you a burn barrel. Check out this link-Burn Barrel. SoFlaQuer has an excellent post on using a burn barrel. As for using lump charcoal, I'll let those that use it answer that one. When I fire up the ECB, I use charcoal briquettes and then I use the Minion Method for getting my smoke going.
welcome woody!!!

i have been using that same smoker for more then a year now, so if you have any questions feel free to get a hold of me at any time. i have learned to master this smoker.

but i have to warn you this smoker requires a lot of up keep on the fire, depending on the weather (of course). ive been lucky enough to, when its above 85 to keep a good temp for upto 4 hours. but usually i hve to play with it every hour or so.

since you do have to keep tweeking it so much i use charcoal a lot so you can just add a few pieces at a time to maintain a good temp

i have wanted to buy a new one for a little while now, since i realized how much i LOVE smoking but i am having trouble deciding excatally what smoker style to get.
Glad to have you Woody. I'm new as well, thrown down some pretty good smokes so far. Working a 9.5lb picnic right now. I also have the same smoker as you, made a couple of modifications to it that REALLY helped after my first smoke. You will love this site, (it is a little addicting, though) everyone has great knowledge and are extremely helpful. Welcome!! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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