So, I found this YouTube Kielbasa recipe...

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2 guys and a cooler, as well as Duncan Henry for YouTubers. I think CajunEric , a member here, is one of the 2Guys.

BTW -- Kielbasa (P) = Klobasa (CZ) = Wurst (Deut) = Sausage (Eng) = Kolbas (Hun) --just generic word for sausage.

Raised around Czechs and Poles and Krauts in Kansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma -- keep it simple. Add the salt (and the cure if using) to the cubed meat 1 to 3 days before grinding and spicing. Kielbasa tends to be salt, pepper, lotsa garlic, and majoram; sometimes a bit of sugar. It is cured and smoked. Their white sausage is the same thing, not always cured, and fresh, served like a Brat. The Czech klobasy from Nebr/Kans/Okla are basically exactly the same S-P-G-Mj served fresh like a brat/white polish. Different cuts, sizes, and occasionally the spicing is what sets each kielbasa apart. Yes, Texans will add more black/white/red pepper to spice things up, while the Europeans tend to like their garlic, and fat to make them really juicy. Once you get used to making them, you will really not notice the Marjoram, until you don't put it in. It is a "something" that you can't put your finger on, but you notice something is missing if you don't. Can't put it any better. Never use oregano as a substitute. They are in the same family of mints/herbs, however you realize that there is a vastly different flavor profile.

You just can't believe everything you read/see/hear on the interwebs. Sigh

Rex aka Polka
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BTW -- search for member JJ -- he was a professional chef, and very Polish. He has some remarks somewhere in some threads over the years. He is recently deceased, and missed.

Oh, and the English/Polish sausage/meat curing forum, mentioned above, is associated with the Marianskis in some way. R
Thanks Polka!!

I have the Marianski book and glanced through it. I am amazed at the level of detail he goes into.

I have my Mom's Polish sausage recipe which is heavy on marjoram, but it is what I grew up on.

Once the weather warms a bit (It is 50 here in SoCalif, brrr....) I plan on trying several recipes folks have recommended here.

Thanks to All and I appreciate all the comments and suggestions.
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I don't make alot of sausage and because I do not make alot, I do not have a good sense of how the spices will taste and I was wondering if anyone has used the combination of spices listed below and what you thought of it. I found this recipe on YouTube (probably my first mistake). The ingredients are:

70% pork and 30% beef

Brown Sugar
Cure #1

Black Pepper (.5%)
Garlic Powder (.187%0
Marjoram (less than .5%)

Mustard Seed (about .125%)

And, this is the one that is prompting the ask, Pickling Spice (.0625%).....

It looks like a fairly basic Kielbasa recipe, but the Brown Sugar and the Pickling Spice made me stop and say, "Huh, I gotta ask the Forum about this"

The ratios seem really small to have much of an inpact, but as anyone used brown sugar and Pickling spice in Kielbasa and how was it??? I have seen mustard seed in several recipes and I think it is somewhat common.

It is gonna be over a month till I get to it (as soon as I am done with a medical treatment regime), so I as I sit around, I spend too much time on the internet. Thx for any feedback....

I like Len poli formulation on kielbasa. Tried some breakfast sausage on there that had alspice and it was fine but weird
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I like Len poli formulation on kielbasa. Tried some breakfast sausage on there that had alspice and it was fine but weird
Yes. Len poli's formulas are good too. They are quite commercial in using the binders, and excellerators, and stuff. Take the cubed meat, and all the salt (and cure) called for, mix and set aside one to three days will give you all the binding you need, regardless the species of meat in the formula. Then, do the spice blend, and I always skip the remainder. I'm not a 'purist'. I'm just a simple kraut making sausage like my granddad did it. Len's formulas are great without the commercial add-ins, IMHO. Can't think of a good reason to be in a hurry, I guess. Take care, and have fun with your projects, and keep us up to date with them! S'bohem. R
Len poli's formulas are good too

Thx. I looked at some of his recipes and they look good, but seem to have alot of ingredients that I do not normally have around. I did find Chud's BBQ channel on YouTube and he is an entertaining guy, seems to know his way around sausage, and some recipes look good with minimal ingredients. If the rain very clears out, and I stop being so lazy, I will get around to trying some new recipes.
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So after much reading authentic Polish recipes(thanks google translate) and advice from some masters here I just completed a batch of kielbasa. The results so far(taste patty) are great. Tomorrow, I smoke and then SV them.

I will post pictures when I finish. It has occurred to me that the key to good kielbasa really depends on a few things. Good ingredients, good technique, and the spice profile you prefer. I will share the recipe with the pictures.

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