Snowin' & Blowin'

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Sep 16, 2006
With the forecast like that, I'm thinking of doing my ham today. Problem being..How do I reheat it tomorrow? :?:
Not sure what part of Idaho you're from, but it looks as though they're bragging up a bit of a winter storm watch. I've always been told to re-heat ham to 140º internal. You may want to hold off on the glaze until the re-heat, then glaze - or re-glaze during the re-heat. Good Luck and stay warm

Keep Smokin
I was thinking of smokin' for a couple of hours just to add smoke flavor. Fridge overnite,reheat and glaze in oven till 140* internal.
cajun_1 I would be more inclined to smoke up to the 140º mark today to kill off any critters, then re-heat to approx 120º and glaze tomorrow.. maybe we can get some other opinions on the subject.

Keep Smokin
Good idea...don't need any Christmas critters.
cajun_1, Smoke your ham to your desired internal temp. (on uncooked hams I like to take 'em to 165*) refrigerate then re-heat to 140*. Put your glaze on during the last 20 minutes reheating time. Any longer will cause sugars in the glaze to burn.
Thanks guys, gonna get this thing in the smoker before the bad weather hits again.
Hey cajun-if you survived my little ol' 6 inch snow storm you ought to do ok in your neck of the woods. Next time you're down this way give me a shout out and we'll hook up for a bit. got a deal..Have other jobs in your area. Always someone from my company is in Utah. See if I can't get a head's up when my turn comes around again. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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