Snacks for the family reunion

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bbq bubba

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Feb 12, 2007
new baltimore, mi
Smoked some goodies for my family this past weekend, About 30 of us camped out in the backyard of my cousin's farm, figured instead of playing horseshoes all day i'd cook (showoff) instead!
Got my lil smokin area set up

Did a couple dozen ABT's on DB Bbq"s home made stainless ABT rack

Did a couple different style fatties

And a little something special that every camper should have in the pantry

Everything came out fantastic!

Debi, you'd bitch if you was hung with a new rope!! hahaha, just kiddin my dear! At least you got to eat. Besides, a "losy" hot dog, is better than a "louse's" hot dog.(da bug?)
Terry, God I hope I don't hate myself in the mornin.
I can assure all of ya that it was ALL GOOD!!!!!!! While he was tendin to the smoke I was throwin iron shoes @ a stake in the ground havin a few pop's...Gotta take a break from the smoke once and a while!!! But not for to long....Thanks Cuz... DB BBQ
That was my guess !!! But I did not want to say it....... I wanted to make that on my last smoke and my wife was against it. So how was it?
Man, we need to petetion Jeff to get a drool smiley in here. How can you have a smoking meat forum without a drool smiley?
I thought you guys would never ask, just had to try it! Wifey still didn't like it but it was a hit
If you wanna try it yourself, mustard slather,rub but skip the bacon, blocks the smoke, cooked it to 165* and it coulda taken more, i'm telling ya, you cant dry that stuff out
Maybe cut into slices and get more smoke flavor but i thought it was excellent!!
If you want to make them more "Q" ish, slice and shape the "product" into rib-shaped objects, smoke 'em up and call 'em "Spibs"!!!
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