snack stix

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Jul 3, 2005
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hello everyone
today i am doing 10 pounds of willies snack stix
i used 8 pounds of elk roast mixed with two pounds of ground pork i got a pack of willies snack stick seasoning from PS Seasoning i also mixed in two teaspoons of cayane pepper stuffed them into 21mm collegen casings they are in the smoker now will let you guys know how it turns out
Hey SalmonClubber,

Been waiting to hear about them snack stix.

Got two son's that could eat a moose a week in jerky and slim jims :D .
hello cajun

the snack stix turned out great everyone here has been eating them since they got done around 3:00 pm we had a freand come over for smoked chicken beer can style and some of the kick ass baked beans it all turned out great i think my freand bill had ate about five pounds of them all by himself so it looks like i will have to make more of them here shortly
hello cajun

i buy a lot of seasoning from ps seasoning the ones i like are the halipeno summer sausage the willies snack stix and the bbq snack stix and the tex mex snack stix are real hot but have an excellent flavor to them i highly recomend ps seasonings for all your sausage supplies you take care talk at ya later
hello larry

what do you mean by regular casing i have used lamb casing collegen and hog casing the hog casing is kind large for a snack stick the lamb casing is harder to work with then the collegen casing i like the collegen for being easy to use let me know if you want more info
yo yall
im sorry -
i should have said like a 36mm casing [brat/italian]
instead of slim jim width.

how do they taste ??

maybe thats the elgin sausage spice blend??
hello larry

if you use the 36mm hog casing you may want to put them into links that are about 6-8 inches long they will taste like a big fat old slim jim with a tough casing the flavor should be good later
Thanks Cheech, I grew up in the inches & feet generation. No school age kids here to do conversion for me. LOL
I have 2 lbs of ground elk in the freezer that I would like to make snack stix with. I know this isn't alot of meat, any suggestions as to an addition to this?(pork/beef?) Eldon's has a snack stix pack for 10 lbs of meat with casings.
You might want to add a lb. of pork shoulder/butt to the elk to keep it from being too lean.
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