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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by dodgeramsst2003, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. ok, I searched on the forums but haven't found the answer I'm looking for. I bought a premixed snack sticks cure/seasoning tonight, planning on smoking it tomorrow. I'm really looking for something I can make on my own without relying on a store to have something in stock. so my question is, if I follow the manufacturers recomendations per pound (ie. tenderquick, instacure, the like) with that and only that is my end product safe to eat? as I understand from reading, as long as I have my cure right the end product is good to go. I would never want to eat a stick with no seasoning, but is it safe to play around with my own seasoning as long as I make sure its cured to the manufactureres recommendations?


  2. travcoman45

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    Sure you can adjust the seasonings, just make sure you use the right amount of cure per pound of meat, after that it is up to you how to season it. Like more pepper, add it, like it hot, add cayenne or pepper flakes, it's up to you. Try small batches first to see what you like best!
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    I always adjust my mix's to my liking.........I start with a store bought mix and cure and then add my own spices and stuff to that...........
  4. Thanks for your replys. I figured on mixing a big batch of just the meat and cure, and then dividing it up into smaller batches and playing around with the seasonings to get it how I like it. I want something I can call my "own" not to mention I would eventually like to turn my hobby into a part time business, going through all the Health dep. stuff and getting a proper kitchen. At any rate that is a long way off, thanks for the help.

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    Your cure ratio should not vary. Follow the manf. inst. strictly. Spices can be manipulated to your tastes however you like. Good luck and enjoy.
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    I've made a couple of LEM snack sticks packages. That brand comes with a little packet of cure inside the big package with the spices. So, it's pre-measured for you. (as long as you use it with the recommended number of pounds of meat). Check to see if your spice package also included cure.

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