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  1. I am posting this as a friend of SmokyOkie.

    He is honoring the administrations request that he not post here any more, though he wants all to know that he is not sure of the reason for the request.

    He also wants all to know that he doesn't understand why there wasn't a simple PM sent, or even a phone call as opposed to a ban being as he has known Jeff for as long as he has. He is sure that Jeff knows he would respond favorably to a polite request as opposed to being banned

    He wants to thank all for the comraderie over the past years and wish the best for all.

    He wanted me to set the record straight on one thing though. It was stated that he had engaged in breach of trust. He wants all to know that he values the worth of his word mare than anything else in life.

    While most of his old friends knnow how to get in touch with him, he doesn't want to lose touch with his newer friends and wanted me to remind everyone, even very new acquaintances, that if they ever need anything or for that matter just want to visit, if you Google SmokyOkie, you will find a way to get in touch very easily.

    I will not be posting any links because I don't think the admin would like it as has been requested.

    Smoky and I are hopeful that the admin will not deny you the opportunity to attain this information by deleting or editing this post. We really don't believe that they would want to interfere with developing new friendships.

    And so, as he moves on to greener pastures SmokyOkie wanted me to thannk you all for everything you've been to him and wish you all well.
  2. bbq bubba

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    Tell Tim i'm sorry he had to go....
    Missed all the excitement this week and don't care for an explanation.
    I'm sure Jeff had his reasons...
    Theres a lot of experience that just got banned here, and a lot of inexperience that seems to be running the place!
    Hopefully newbies will get the right info they need or find another place to do so!
    I myself am a member of several smoking forums and never have seen the problems elsewhere that exist here...[​IMG]
    I'm sure things will settle down and get back to normal and if any advice is needed, i am just a P.M. away! [​IMG]
    Tell Tim well miss him and will see him around!
  3. pigcicles

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    Farewell to SmokyOkie. It's a shame that such an incident took place in the manner that it happened. Right, wrong, or indifferent - what is done is done.

    Regarless of anyone's personal opinion of SmokyOkie, he was always helpful to anyone who would ask for guideance. He has a wealth of knowledge that will be missed. Although there are a lot of others here that can and will give the advice, it may not go to the depth that might have been given.

    As a current moderator with SMF I was not privied to any incriminating evidence that any wrong doing went on. Basically we are told that it is "just business". We as moderators are expected to accept that and move on. Two men's word that I value and uphold, but one of them must be wrong.

    My opinions don't hold weight here, nor do I expect them to. I only want to send well wishes back to SmokyOkie and wish all the best in the greener pastures.


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