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Sep 17, 2006
West Virginia
Went to the store last night to pick up a chuck roast for the smoker. Couldn't find what I wanted and ended up with a nice top round roast, about 4 pounds. I rubbed it down with Jeff's rub, got the hickory and cherry wood to smokin' and it do smell good! I will attempt to post some pics.

Looks absolutely awesome WVsmokeman. What int. temp to usually take that to? It is always good to see fellow Mountaineers on the forum. Where are you located in WV?

Bill's the finished product. It turned out pretty yummy. I still like the chuck roast a little better. I pulled it at 160, wrapped it in foil, wrapped a heavy towel around it and placed it inside my Sam's Club insulated bag for 2 hours. When I sliced it up, it was nice and moist but could have used a little more smoke. Nobody's complaining but me though, I'm my worst critic! Hillbillysmoker, I'm in the southern part of WV, Raleigh County.
gotta love that beef, my wife prefers pork but i like a nice big chunk of beef now and then.. thats a nice looking top round gotta few in the freezer along with some big sirloin roasts is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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