Smoking some butt but need help!!

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Nov 11, 2006
Hello all,
Haven't been on the forums lately, I have been on suicide watch ever since the 3rd quarter of the NFC Championship. But I am better now, we will get them next year (mumble, been saying that for 41 years), anyway on to the question. My wife wants pulled pork tomorrow for a party she is gving. I plan on buying a pork butt. I use a WSM grill just for info. Basically from what I have read I will go 2 hours per pound and pull at about 186 to 190. Is there any certain thread or recipe anyone would suggest or go with what I just mentions. Oh, I forgot, I will try to keep a constant temp of 250. Sorry for the jumbled up words guys but don't have time to spell check :(

I did one lat weekend and have another one going right now. Smoke til it hits 165ish. Then pull and wrap in foil, I use the reyonolds foil bags and wrap it tight. Pour some apple juice in it, I also spray it with apple juice while it is cooking about once a hour (before it is wrapped). Then I pull it when it hits 196-200 and wrap it in towels and place it in a cooler for another hour or two. Then the bone just pulls right out, and pratically pulls apart on its own.

I also use FLA Jeff's finishing sauce on it. It is a sticky in the pork section. I was unsure about the vinegar at first, but man - it is my favorite thing to fix now. Very good!

Good Luck
I smoked 2 yesterday. Smoked to 170, wrapped then smoked to 205 and didn't let rest in a cooler. It fell apart and pulled with out the aid of a knife or fork. Vacuum packed and we'll have one this evening for supper with pit beans and tator salad.
I rub the shoulder or butt with yellow mustard then a dry rub (creates a nice bark) then the apple juice foil wrap and of course Jeff's finishing sauce. Pulled pork with out Jeff's sauce is not allowed in my house
Thank you all for the replies. With all of this help how could I go wrong :) Oh Cajun, one thing bro, at least we had an exciting year :)

Well the Butt is finished, shredded and sauced up. All I can say is that the WSM is one helluva smoker. Started at 1900 last night. Babysitted the smoker, though I didn't have to, till 0300. The butt was at 200 at 0600 this morning. I was thinking to myself, did I listend to everyone well enough? When I went to pull the butt off, I knew, falling apart already even before I foiled it. Simply fantastic. Thank you all for all of your help. The butt came out perfect but mostly due to you all and the WSM. I have a side fire box chargrill that I have to babysit bigtime but the WSM made it a dream, that and this boards help. Look forward to more smokin' Thank you all once again.

Glad it turned out well for you goose. Enjoy your Sunday meal. BTW-You gotta try SoFlaQuer's Finishng Sauce on that pork!! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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