Smoking Salts

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Aug 17, 2007
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I did not see a spot to post this so I hope its ok to post here. I recently had some smoked salt. I believe it was smoked with hickory. I had never had it before or even heard of it and was blown away by the great flavor it had.

Now if I were to try smoking some salt would I wrap it in cheesecloth to allow air to flow through or put it in a bowl and just stir it?

Would you get a sea salt or something more like a kosher?

Thoughts and ideas?

Vlap, you will get the best results using cheese cloth, a bag a couple of layers thick will work fine. A coarse salt will work best so sea salt or kosher is good.

I smoke coarse sea salt for my neighbor. She then pours the smoked salt in a salt mill so she can grind it finer.

By smoking your own, you can control the smokiness of your salt.

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