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Nov 8, 2006
What is the general thought when it comes to water pans for smoking.

I have tried it on most everything becasue I was worried about drying food out - but as I've been soping my meats, I don't think that would be an issue

Just want any ideas...I did a couple searches but many different topics come up

Thanks for any information!



Nov 9, 2006
I have almost the same question. I am new to smoking and heard that water and water vapor actually interefere with the interaction of the smoke and the meat - which made propane smokers less than optimal. Then, when looking at smokers to buy, I see water-smokers? Obviously something is amiss here. What is the real story regarding steam vs. no steam in smoking? Thanks for any advice.


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Jun 25, 2006
I have used both charcoal and propane smokers and never had a problem getting great smoke flavor and a beautiful smoke ring. There are also some wood smokers out there with a water pan. The water pan helps to mantain proper lower smoking temperatures and help to retain some of the meat moisture. The only issue I had at first with my propane smoker was getting the sucker to start providing smoke. That problem is now licked. I will always start with 2-3 small wood chips as well as 2-3 more chunks of wood of varing sizing. If my propane Big Block smoker has not started smoking when I am ready to add the meat then I will jump start one side of a large chunk of wood on the burner of my gas grill in about 1 minute to be quickly added to the smoke box for instant smoke.

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