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Discussion in 'Peppers' started by big game cook, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. big game cook

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    ok i have a Q for the chili heads.

    how do you guys smoke peppers for sauce? i smoke whole jalapenos for eating with dinner but for sauce are they smoked whole or de seeded? i dont want seeds in the sauce.

    i grow hot ones. i have some habenaro sauce i made 8/27/07 that im ageing for 3 years before re boiling to pureify and bottle.

    but i have two bushes full of tobasco peppers ripening now. i want to try smoked sauce. there hot. i ate a tiny red one tonight. and i felt like i ate a habenaro. wow it was hot. but not the 45 min burn. maybe 10. lol

    there to small for the rack. but i do have a mesh rack for jerky. should i use it or just place them on foil.

    this year i got some serious heat from peppers i grew from a seasoning buddie in texas. i have african fatili, scotch bonnet, and the dredded b-hut jolokia record breakers. heres a pic of them un ripe.

    thanks in advance. i look forward to hearing your expert tips. thanks.
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    My first post seems to have disapeared.

    I cut my peppers open,leave the seeds intact and smoke them cut side up. Later seeds and skins are screened out. Peppers are done when bubbling and soft.

    That pepper seems to have tomato leaves, is that right?
    I meant to grow some of them this year but was too cheap to order the seeds. Stuck with my Red Savina...
  3. big game cook

    big game cook Smoking Fanatic

    lol, no the mater was leaning that way and i happened to grab it by accident. heres a better pic.

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