Smoking meat just a fad........

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Feb 9, 2007
So I thought you all would get a kick out of this. My wife manages a restaurant and she was chatting causually with one of her regular customers. Some how in the conversation my wife brought up that I like to smoke meats. This guy said to her - are you ready for this - oh smoking meat is just a fad. He went on to say that BBQ and meat smoking will all be gone in just a few more years. Now granted I am getting this story second hand but it is from a reliable source.... MY WIFE.

So my question is do you think the guy was mentally ill or perhaps had fallen earlier that day and hit his head.

My wife was polite (since the guy was a customer) and just said that no she does not think it is just a fad and went on her way.

So does anyone else out there think that what we love to do is right up there with pet rocks and leg warmers?
ummm....well considering smoked meat has been around since before written history......the guy is well.......

hummmmmmmm makes me want to drink...oh yea, guess in his book brewing beer is another fad!!!!

and who cares? we smoke because we can, and its good smoke, not that crap that gives cancer and all!!!
ummm..... uffda, that's like....ummmm from north dakota or something????
he he he he he.........oh man, we need to smoke some meat.....
Sorry if this sounds blunt, but he sounds like a moron....either that or he has Ciff Clavin syndrome...ya know, somone that has a opinoin about everything and not a lick of knowlegde about what he's rattleing on about..

The process has been around longer than any of us to date. He probably never has done any smoking and thinks that grilling some hamburgers is considered bbq. There is to much food out there that can be smoked and we are coming up with new ones every day. I'll get of my soap box now!!!
Oh that ya see, he tried smokin meat once using 2 by 4's!!!

Hee Haw, Hee Haw!!!
Anytime something becomes real popular to do, people tend to think it a fad, like the hula hoop or disco dancing, however IMHO I really feel that this Food Network and other Media has brought Smoking to a new awareness, be that as it may. Grilling/Barbecue started becoming real popular in the fifties and it certainly (if what I see in grill choices and accesories at Wallys, Home Depot & Lowes is any indicator) hasn’t begun to fade away, but indeed has increased. I mean let’s face it, we gotta eat, and I don’t know anyone who quit cooking a certain way because it tasted too good…do any of y’all?
Now pass me another ABT please!! Oh, and the tater salad too!
yah its a fad

just like it was when i watched my dad smoke some venison sausages when i was 5 who had learned from his dad when he was five..

boy that is a long fad

almost a 50 year
Not to defend this guy but ...

For some people it may be just a fad ...

There are a lot of people that buy things and do things just because it may be popular at the time. Like salad bars, tofu bars, and suchi bars. Lately I think it's coffee bars - there everywhere!

Some people do things to follow trends and some just like to do things.

What really cracks me up is these people that buy these huge mega bucks Stainless Steel gas grills with side burners and mega BTUs and they will never do more than cook hotdogs and hamburgers on them. Sad ...

Seems to me the dude suffers from "Culinary Ignoramus Mortalis". If he is a regular customer at a restaurant then he probably would starve to death if there was nobody to cook for him! Sad, very sad.

Take comfort all my smoking friends that we know how to provide for ourselves! And in a most delectable way!

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