Smoking is ruining my life!

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Dec 25, 2006
Russellville, Arkansas
Thanks a lot, guys! All I wanted when I started here was a little advice to help me not ruin so many ribs. But nooooo... you had to teach me how to make the best. Now I get stuck smoking 5 racks for my law school society picnic. Not huge, but expected about 30 adults, plus kids. Couldn't just leave it at ribs, though. Not when I could add 5 fatties, and two pork roasts, and 20 ATB's. Would have done chicken wings, but I just didn't have the room.

Naturally, your stinkin' 3-2-1 method produced the best danged ribs I think I've ever tasted. Of course, they cut nice and clean, meat good and tender. Now everyone thinks I'm the pro... inviting themselves over, insisting I do their next picnic.

Your different rub concoctions only added to my misery. I've started experimenting with my own, and wouldn't ya know... it was only awesome. I had girlie folks complaining that it's just a little spicy, but then they wouldn't stop eating the danged meat.

Fortunately, I had a little problem with the 2 pork roasts. They spiked really fast, forcing me once again to rely on the knowledge I gained on SMF to save them from becoming gummy pigs..

Those peppers... OUCH! It took them three days to mellow down to an edible level. Hehehehehe.

Anyway, thanks guys, for consuming my every waking moment. If I'm not salivating over the memory of a smoke gone by, I'm dreaming about my next one coming. Not to mention, I now have more friends than I ever really cared to have.

Now with the weekend upon me, folks think they can just stop by and get fed. I guess I'm gonna have to start that darned smoker up again. (Sorry, babe, it's just something I've gotta do!)
The pain and suffering you must be going through!
We can only hope and pray that McDonalds gets their pork BBQ sammich back soon!

Now go fire that smoker up…be a man!
Suck it up NANCY!!! Go buy a bigger smoker and feed those ............those...............well, I have a few friends that are lawyers so I'll leave that alone.

This site, pluse a smoker and a big wallet will make a life time hobbie. Nothing better than good Q.

See ya later.........Nancy
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah................. We all got problems.
But I'm OK..... I'm OK.... I'm OK.. I'm OK........................
Haven't attended any of the meetings yet.
I feel the pain and I've just joined this forum! Last night I was simply going to cook one whole ribeye. After reading the 3-2-1 rib recipe, I made a mad dash to get some ribs to throw on for teasers. Then this morning I read about cooking corn on the smoker. I've done that before, but its always been on a charcoal or gas grill. So after getting the ribeye on this morning I was off to the store to get some corn. What started as three couples with the rug rats coming over to splash away the afternoon and eat has turned into a full blown throw down with two more couples and more rug rats!! Oh well, I guess getting together with those that mean the most to you and enjoying each others company, centered around a ton of smoked food - is what it's all about.

The attaboys over the food make it all the better in the end.
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