smoking goodies

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May 21, 2006
Monroe, La
Put a rack of ribs, 2 turkey tenderloins, a small roast beef (rump), 6 chipotle mango chicken sausages, 6 buffalo chicken sausages and 6 ABT's on the smoker at 7AM central. Will try to put up pictures when there finished if I can get camera to cooperate.
Ok, Here is picture 2.5 hours into the smoke.

Hope this picture is small enough to work.
OK - Bob- BQN helped me get this imageShack thing figured out, so here are the pics of my goodies from yesterday.

Ribs -

Turkey tenderloins and sausage -

Beef rump roast -

One more pic of roast beef -

Hope these work.

Ribs were falling off the bone after using 3.5/1.5/1 method.

everything else was fabulous.

ABT's went so fast I couldn't get a picture.

Great job cajunsmoker. Nice smokering on that rump roast too!!
Glad Bob-BQN could hwlp you out with ImageShack-
Way to go Bob!! You DA MAN!! :D
Georgepat-don't worry about the drooling part-we ALL do it! It's when you find yourself gnawing on your keyboard or monitor is when it's time to worry! :P
Dutch it seems like i remember reading that you have some dietary issues and thought you might like to know that the sausages in this smoke were lowfat lowcarb sausages made from chicken. Smoked up well and tasted great. I even used one of the Buffalo chicken sausages to stuff my ABT's. Info on the sausages is available online. I will post the URL if anyone is interested.
cs- Low carb/low fat AND tastes great?? Sounds good to me- I'd be interested in that recipe URL.

the link to the sausages is

Go to our products, then select either breakfast or dinner sausages either fully cooked or uncooked.

We have them available here in Louisiana at the Alberson's grocery stores.

we tried the chipolte mango chicken and the buffalo chicken. just smoked them about 3 hours on 225 and them sliced them and dipped them in smoke spicy yellow mustard that i had used rubbing the ribs.
were very good and not as bad for me. :) I would put a smiley face here but since i used imageshack it just puts up a URL and no picture:(.
CS- I'll check out my local Albertson's and see if they have it.

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