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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by mj-air23, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. Hey All!

    I have seen all the different ways(I Think) most of you make fattys and I know the internal temp needs to be 160 degrees, but what is the smoking temp supposed to be and approx. how long do they take? Also, JD seems to be the sausage of choice, but a substitute like John Morrell would work also right? Do they tend to drip alot of fat also? Thanks for listening!
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    Usually I just put mine in the smoker at the temp I'm smoking the meat at, so for me it between 210* and 225*. Depending on the thickness you make it for time, usually 30 - 60 minutes will suffice, if you see the cheese ooozing out, it's done. Any rolled sausage should work, JD is popular, not sure about turkey sausage though, gonna do one this weekend. Yes they do drip, but no worries, it should drip into your water pan.
    Experiment though, we've all ruined stuff.[​IMG]
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    Smoking temp is usually in the range of 225* - 235* for low & slow, which is usually sought after when smoking foods. I wouldn't go by time, go by internal temp. Internal temp is a constant, cooking time is a variable. I haven't tried other brands, but it would be interesting to try for future reference. I don't know about the fat content and dripping. I hope this helps you.
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    I just tried John Morrell last weekend because I'm cheap and my local Dollar Store has it for a buck a chub! JD runs me $2.50 on sale. I rolled mine in Jeff's rib rub and I couldn't tell it from the JD I did at the same time for comparison!
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    I go 3 hours at 225 and they come out dark and delicious.
  6. Thanks everyone. I will be trying 2 fattys right out of the wrapper and rubbed, and 2 of them I am going to stuff with cheese and onion and rub. Will go with the smoking at 225 degrees. Low and slow!! Will try and post pics when they are done. Any preference to what kind of wood? I thought about Maple. Suggestions??

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