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Meat Mopper
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Feb 9, 2006
Meadville, MO
The otherday I was at work and happened to mention that I smoked, and right away one of the guys said that he had some mesquite at home that i could have if I wanted it. So I said I would take it--just so happened that another man there over heard us and the next day he showed up with a bunch of chunks of hickory. I was surprised and pleased. Later that same week I was talking to a friend and he was able to come up with some apple and said that he also had some walnut trees that he had cut, last year but had not worked any of it up yet, and that i could have some of that. Then I drove down by the city brush pile and found several large chunks of maple. So In one week I went form having nothing but oak-to having several kinds of wood. Has this ever happened to You?????? Let me know, I would like to hear about other people's generosity!!!!
Here in 2002 we had a terrible ice storm which took out hundreds of trees.Hickory, while abundant here,is a tree which most people want to allow to live and seldome will cut down.My friend had a nice hickory about 12 inches in diameter which was completly destroyed,so I have a twenty year supply of hickory and all I had to do was to help him cut it up and haul it off.I dont know if the wood will retain its flavorable properties that long but so far it is still good.
Sometimes the gods do smile. I ran into a similar situation with pecan. A good friend of mine (up in Georgia) has a pecan grove. Unfortunately an ice storm pruned several big limbs off his trees. While visiting up there (with my pickup) I helped him clean up some of the grove. I'm now fixed with pecan for the near future. Life contiues to be good.
A co-worker has several acres that is covered with Oak trees. Whenever he clears a bit of property and cuts down a tree, it is mine for a simple trade of some Q. I'm also fortunate to have married into a family that owns several hundred acres southwest of Fort Worth, TX. That property has tons of pecans trees... For the time being, I'm set for wood as long as I keep the wood pile rotated and don't let myself run out of seasoned wood...

I'm in the same thing as James. I have a work friend who has around 20 aceres outside the city. He is always removing fallen trees. He brings it in semi cut down. I gave him a nice baggie of pulled pork the folowing Monday. He loves it and I save on the wood cost.


Take care,

I got a nice hickory a few months ago. I just made a comment about having to go buy some hickory chunks, and I was given abt a 30ft tree. Nice and straight, lots of chunks in that one.....

I have supply of oak, all cut and delivered, and can get it any time I need it just for the asking. I am going to open mouth abt some apple, pecan, and ????? and see what becomes of it.

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