smoking cheese not making cheese...

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Jul 16, 2007
Where do I find some recipes for smoking and spices for the same? I can't find it anywhere.....smoking cheese, yes, but I saw...somewhere some recipes for various creations with spices/etc.?
Thanks All!
Hello, I think you may have to specify what you intend to smoke, then maybe someone can suggest some spices,rubs. Are you looking for spicy, sweet & spicy, or non spicy? Beef, pork, poultry, fish??
Specifically, I would like to cold smoke to the ultimate German Smoke Cheese. Its for an amazing fondue that I make with beer occasionally. I would guess thats a sharp chedder. I read somewhere of some spices that are applied prior to the smoke, probably prior to letting the cheese sit out for awhile before the smoke. Now, can't find it anywhere. On SMF cheese section I have read every one. Its just smoking info, can't find it on Debi's site either.
Just a tip, with cheese I actually put it in the freezer a little prior to putting it on the smoker. This gets the temperature down so the increase in temperature from the smoker is waylayed for a little.

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