Smoking briskets

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Oct 27, 2005
Uvalde, TX
Smoking 3 cases of briskets tomorrow. DeeJayDebbie, I wish you were here. Not only can I get all the briskets that you would ever want, but I can get the weight range I desire also. 2 cases will be 9 lbs/ea and under, and 1 case will be 12 lb ers. I broke my digital camera but bought one of those throw aways and will post pics when I can.

One friend wants the small briskets cooked and vac sealed so he can give them to company men he does work for. Another friend and his dad want a case cooked just for their own consumption. I think someone has witnessed Sandy eating a whole brisket that I cooked by himself.
I guess there's just alot more beef in Texas Goat!

There starting t show up again but I suspect with warmer weather comming they'll go faster too.
LOl Shell, I had forgotten about that!!!!

Goat, it must be great to have your choice of brisket, size and all, I'm jealous!!
Don't be jealous. I had to pay shipping for a part to my skid loader from your neck of the woods. I see no reason why turn about would not be fair play.
Yeah but how often do you have to order a part for your skid loader vs how often I'm looking to buy briskets!!
I hear that Theresa! At $3 a gallon and raising I may go back to just meatloaf, butts and ribs! I've seen some mighty scrany briskets lately - all fat and no meat!
went to costco out here in cali and they finally had some briskets.....but only brisket flats at 4.00/lb.....these briskets are like 4.5 pound briskets....


The reason I got my new GOSM is so I can do the big boys!
$4.00 A POUND
. That just tees me off!!!! It takes a good cook to know what there doing to be able to even take a brisket and make it good. For years it was basically a throw away piece of meat and now they have the nerve to charge $4.00 a pound.....that just ain't right!!!
$4 a pound? must be those super trimmed flats. those suck, imho. when i go to the store, if they don't have any nice packers, i get ribs or something else.
I'm with ya Chris. I want to do any cutting thats gonna get done on mine myself!!! Prices are a little high here right now too. $1.47 a pound and they didn't look that great.
The ones I bought for this cooking cost $1.62/lb for the 2 cases of 9 lb & down. The case of big ones, 79.80 lbs case wt. was $1.59/lb. All 3 cases were select grade, but not the real fat packers that you sometimes get in the grocery store. I did not trim any fat off prior to cooking.
The pre-trimmed ones here at Wally World are $4/lb but I was afraid they'd be too lean and I'm to cheap to pay $4/lb. but there just flats - real thin ones

I'll eat pork first!
If you dig around in the bins, they usually have a mix of select and choice in the packer briskets at Wally World. They buy in bulk and sell in bulk. This week we didn't have any packers at Wal Mart
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