smoking brisket today

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Apr 7, 2007
Colorado Rockies
I wanted to throw a few briskets on the smoker since I have the day off. Also some ribs and pork butts. I took these pictures this morning when I put the meat on. (This is really for a friends party but I tought you might enjoy the pictures)


ok, We are 1/2 way thru this smoke and are about ready to seperate the points from the flats. Once seperated, we will foil the flats untill finish and put the points back in for burnt ends or chop up for chopped brisket sandwiches.

time to seperate point from flat, a little more seasoning at the seperation point, and wrap the ribs (I left the ribs untrimmed for this event)



I've never thought of seperating the flat and point mid cook like that. That is a neat idea, I bet they turn out nice that way. Can you get a decent bark formed at the seperation point usually with the cook time you have left? About what point in the cook do you seperate them?

Everything looks great BTW.
I tend to get great results seperating at the mid point. I cook the brisket to internal temp of 165 then pull and seperate. Trim off all the fat between the two pieces, reseason the trimmed areas and then back in the smoker. I still get alot of bark since it cooks another 4 - 6 hours. Much easier to seperate hot than cold.
Dang Moose I ws expecting A brisket. Now I know where they all went! Moose bought em all!

Gotta try spliting them hot - I fuss for a half hour trying to get a hold of them raw and cut the right spot. Great idea!

Looks might fine!
Thanks for the info Moose. I couldn't agree more on seperating them hot. You do them then, you almost don't need a knife. I'll have to try your method next go round on a brisket. One of my pet peeves is them brisket slices off the flat w/ no bark. Just don't seem right. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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