Smoking Beef Tenderloin

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Original poster
Aug 21, 2006
Good afternoon...
I am a novice at smoking meat. I primarily do ribs and have had pretty good success. I use a propane smoker I purchased from Sam's.

I was wondering if it makes sense to smoke a whole beef tenderloin?? If so, can anyone advise on time and temp???

Thanks for your input.
Your better off roasting your tenderloin over a hot grill than slow smoking it. Tenderloin is too lean and tender to need the low and slow cooking of a smoker. You can still add some wood chips or small chunks to get the smoke flavor, but cook it pretty fast and keep close watch on your internal temps. Pull when it is just under the desired temp by about 10 degrees and let it continue to rise in temp while it rests.
Rodger is 100% correct. Tenderloin is best oven roasted or grilled. Very tender, and extremely lean. Overcook it and you've got Good Years, not good eats. You want to cook the outside as quickly as possible, while leaving the inside underdone. Oven roast it whole, or grill it as steaks with a foil pouch of chips if you want to add some smoke flavor. Good luck, and welcome to the forum!! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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