Smoking at work again!!

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Smoking Fanatic
Original poster
Jun 26, 2007
Central Ohio
Got some italian sausages in the smoker and a batch of ABT's!!
I love having my smoker at the office
Well just got done with lunch and it was GREAT!! I dont think I will ever grill a brat or sausage again. I used apple wood and they had a great flavor and nice looking smoke ring. The ABT's were great too.
I offer to any that are around but our office is away from all our plants. I get a few looks when they drive by and a few honks. Have a few ABT's left but I dont think they will last till the drivers get in.
What a job! Smokin' and gettin' paid for it, do they have any openings???
Its not too bad a job, just long hours. Work from 6am to 5pm mon-fri and sometimes have to be in really early, like midnight or 1am! But I do get to surf the web all day and play poker on MSN and now SMOKE BABY!!
Next time I'm in at midnight for and early job i'm doing a brisket!!
I'm a dispatcher for a concrete producer. There are some nice perks but there are plenty of very bad days also. We run about 75 trucks through 6 different plants all over town and its not easy keeping all the drivers, contractors and owners happy. When things are going bad and the owner walks in and wants to know how things are going and gets a whiff of BBQ smoke its a little easier to tell him bad news.
Just yesterday he walked in asking about a load that was messed up and smelled the smoke, just enough to distract him a little from the problem.
Ahhhhhhhhhh I wondered about that! I figured you had to be some kind of scheduler.

Yeah my Q keeps the boys happy too, but I have to smoke it at home and bring it in. It's worth it to see all those happy Q smeared faces with their eyes rolling around!
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