Smoking almonds

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Here a few threads since I've only do it once and am not an expert.

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I've no experience smoking raw nuts. Closest I've come is filling a veggie smoker pan (small holes, so nothing falls through) with nuts. I do this quite often; I cover it with Costco mixed nuts, which are already roasted and salted. I mist them lightly with water, which seems to help them pick smoke up faster. I leave them on for 2 or 2 1/2 hours at 240 F or so. I learned from my first attempt that they retain enough moisture that if you put them in a sealed container as soon as they cool, they will eventually develop now I put them in the oven at it's lowest setting for an hour, to thoroughly dry them before storage. They're delicious.
As soon as the weather breaks I'm gonna give it a shot!

Read up on the links B BigW. posted for some ideas.We shall see!
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I’ve never done them from raw . I do pistachios and almonds in the 30 . I mix some bbq rub with brown sugar or use olive oil and just some rub . They come out good . I think I use 200 ish for whatever time I takes the tube to burn down .
I'll be watching here too. I've tried several times to smoke raw nuts and have failed each time. The seasoning doesn't stick and neither does the smoke. I did do Jeff's ultimate smoked snack mix a few times, which includes mixed nuts, and he uses butter to coat the ingredients. That worked pretty well to hold the seasoning and the smoked flavor. I've tried spraying the nuts with water before seasoning and smoking and it didn't help much.
Haven't done Almonds for quite some time, but here's what I've done before and our fishing buddies love it.

Brine raw almonds for 10 minutes in the following mix,
2 cups water
1/3 cup salt
1/3 cut sugar
Depending on how much almonds you are smoking, one might double the above brine contents. I use the above for 1.5# of almonds.
* Drain almonds
* Spread almonds on Qmats or similar
* Put the above mats into smoker on racks. Smoke with a temp of 160* using Hickory for 45 minutes. Stir and do another 45 minutes at same temp.
*Increase temp to 220-230* & smoke for 60-90 minutes, stirring half way through.
*Pull from smoke and let it cool down while on the racks. Long cool down.

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