smoking a brisket a day early

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At my brothers bbq joint they like to present their brisket sliced.  I'm not an expert, so all I can tell you is what I observed. 

Once finished smoking, the briskets are allowed to rest for about an hour and then placed in the walk-in cooler overnight.  The next morning they double wrap them in plastic and the briskets are set to go . . . either to remain in the cooler until needed or placed on a baking pan in the oven to be brought back up to serving temperature before being placed in a food warmer when the restaurant opens.

It's important that you have the brisket on a stiff tray during the process.  The plastic wrap never comes off until ready to carve.  It will help the meat retain it's juices.

You could always use one of these things----Look under the Rib bones on the left:


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