smokin' pre made?

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Original poster
Nov 2, 2005
Beautiful Long Beach, CA
hello all!

just curious, can i just smoke ready made sausages that you buy at the store? if so:

what kind?
how long should i smoke them?
type of wood?

i think my wife will smoke ME if i buy a sausage making kit! :lol:

thanks for the input!
Yes you can, Ron.

Buy the ones that are not "pre-cooked", i.e.- Kielbasa, Smoked Sausage, etc.

Johnsonville Brats, Italian Sausage and others, depending on your region, are superb in the Smoker. Dont forget to do a few Fatties while you're at it! For those uninitiated, they are Jimmy Dean 1 or 2 Lb. Breakfast Sausage Chubs. Simply cut and peel away the plastic wrapping and set on the rack of your Smoker for approx. 3 hours (turning once half-way through) Some people will also coat with their favorite Pork Rub as well, but they are just as good the way they are! I always do a minimum of 2.....1 for sliced and 1 crumbled up for the most spectacular Sausage Gravy and Biscuits you've ever had! Shoot, I'm gettin' hungry just thinkin' about 'em!!!! I prefer the "Hot" myself - the Smoker seems to tame the heat a little bit and makes them perfect for even those who can't stand the extra spice.

Cook your sausage until it reaches an internal temp of around 165*. Type of wood is completely up to you!

Good luck and enjoy!

Ron, I smoke fresh ready made sausages all the time. My younger brother (can't call him "little" as he out-weighs me by about 50+ pounds) works for one of the local supermarket chains and he makes the fresh "brat" style sausages for his store. He used to mix his own seasonings but then the store went with a commercially produced seasoning. They are alright but I personally think that my brothers seasonings had more flavor. Maybe one of these days he'll finally break down and give me his recipes!!

thanks for the input, my wife was asking about the sausages earlier this week.

soo, jimmy dean.. is that just the long one that is about 2" in diameter that you slice up and put in the pan for b-fast? or are they actual sausages with skin on 'em? (i would hate to buy the wrong ones and serve 'em to my relatives on Tday.. (well maybe my brother-in-law :D )

(dang.. i really like this forum. thanks jeff!)



Buy both!!!!

Fatties are da bomb, but don't slight them "skinnies"

regular little ol' breakfast links, wrapped in 1/2 slice bacon, smoked.

WOW!!!!! You sure made your point, Chi Bill! Thanks for the photos but, I have a bite mark on my screen now! Yeesh!@

I just wanted to make sure the little guys aren't ignored.

And I'll add, Johnsonville breakfast sausages seem to work best. Very thin casing, so they go down quick.

I have 6 packages ready for T Day snacking, and 2 Jimmy Dean maple fatties ready as a side dish for the main meal.

And oh yeah, the smoked bacon was AWESOME too
Ron, sometimes my local market will have a bulk special on the sweet Italian sausage that I like, when they do I like to buy five or six pounds, break them down into one pound packages and basically roll my own fatties (5 inch X 2 inch rolls).

Chi Bill them puppy skinnies sure do look good. I may have to try some of them when I do some ABT's this afternoon.

(Whisper mode on:) Hmmm- I wonder if brianj517 is sniffing is monitor on these puppies!!! :mrgreen: (Whisper mode off)

I'm sorry Jeff (FL)

I did not read you PM until after I posted.

Earl, I think its more appropriate for me to call these "skinnies" and not the pp word.

That was from another forum Jeff and I were on, and it probably not appropriate here.

I apologize in advance for any and all offended
Not to worry, guys' n gals! We're all friends here!
BTW For a little extra "something" do a little Garlic or Ginger powder sprinkle (or both!!!) on those little fellas at the start! You might like the results!
Thanks for the edit Earl.

You guys rock.

And Monty, I'm now gonna "season" the skinnies with a range of stuff, from garlic, to onion, pepper, sweet rubs and hot rubs.

Got a cherry chipotle that might be good on skinnies.

As far as fatties, I always roll them in one rub or another.

Just didnt think to do it to the skinnies.

Good call Monty
I am not much of a smoker, Chi bill, but when I see an opportunity to add flavor and enhance the experience I am quick to let it be known. My food experience is deep, but my smoking experience is still in the wading pool!
HOLY SMOKES!!! (Pun most certainly intended)

Those puppies look wonderful!

Forget sniffing the monitor...have you guys ever tied to type on a keyboard that's covered in drool?!?....

Aw Damn! My wife's lookin' at me funny again....
Great idea Chi Bill!
I now have another item to try next time I smoke. Also, good call on the seasonings Monty. I'll definitely use it on my skinnies and my next fatties. Good pictures!
I'll be trying some skinnies real soon! I'm sure it won't take much to convince my wife to pick some up next time she goes to the grocery store.
Brian, When doesn't she look at you funny?? :?: :mrgreen:

i knew i came to the right place!! you guys are awsome. i just joined this forum three weeks ago, and i have a bunch of new friends to get to know.

so... after i smoke up this chub, what next.. slice it up?, serve it for b-fast?, if snacking do i put it on a cracker?..... i've never had one, that's why i'm asking.

do i take it up to 180 degrees?


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