Smokin on a Grill

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Aug 17, 2006
By Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
My first successful smoke of the season was a beef roast and some chicken drums. It is also my first grill smoke and it was with someone else's grill.

The roast was a small beef rump roast that took about 3 hours, the chicken drums took about 2 hours. I used hicory chips in a steel tray from Walmart. As you see from the pictures I used only half the grill for the meat and half for the smoke box.

Overall, I think this method works, but not as well as an indirect smoker would. I found the smoke did not circulate very well and there was very little smoke flavor in the chicken. The beef was better. I like my beef medium rare and as the pictures show, it was very juicy and pink. We foiled the roast for about 1 hour as it was done before the rest of the meal. This allowed the juices to redistribute through the meat. ( I will foil more often now ).

The outside temp was 6c of 43f. We still have a bit of snow in the yard.

I said my first successful smoke earlier, I destroyed a couple of chickens last week due to a grease fire in my smoker. It also damaged my smoker seals. My smoker is homemade and is simply a metal case sitting ontop of a burner. The chip pan sits on the burner. I did not use a grease catch pan and the chicken grease dripped into the chip pan. Long story short, it lit up and made charcol out of my chickens. New design time!

Anyway, I hope the pictures come through OK.



Looking good! I too like my meat medium rare. That's one concern I have with doing beef on the smoker. I'll have to make sure that I get thicker cuts next time.....

I used to smoke all the time on my gas grill before. Pork chops were always the best. Now I have a grill with a built in smoker tray. Eh. Doesn't work as well as the old box did.
Man o man Peter, that sure looks Delicious!!!! Drooling.... Sorry to hear about your grease fire.....are you gonna redesign the old one or start over with a new design???
Also that is a beautifull landscape, glad to say are snow has finally melted, you shouldn't be to far behind.

BTW-Tulsa Jeffs newsletter this month features how to smoke on a grill....very interesting!!!
I have a new design in mind and have the steel pipe on line now. My daughter works for a manufacturing company and they have donated a peice of pipe 20 " Dias and 60 inches long. I will build a horizontal smoker with indirect heat. The diameter is a bit small, but it is not being used for large crowds and should suffice. I will include a grease drain to prevent this issue again.

The snow here was deep year and should be gone in the next couple of weeks. I saw a sure sign of spring while I was smokin, a gopher was running accross the snow, won't be long now...

I read Jeff's newsletter and that is why I tried it, I will try again as it is all I have right now and won't stop smokin....

Thanks for the reply.
Thanks for the reply, I have always loved pork chops and will try them on the smoker. I have had them grilled and also over an open fire which added a bit of smoke, and they were both good, now to actually smoke some....
I meant to ask that too. That's nice if you are doing drummies!

Chops are one of those things I don't think I want to smoke as much. I love having a nice rolling smoke, searing the chops, then slow cooking them for a little longer to impart more smoke flavor.... I hate it when people overcook chops (thick ones!) They are best with still some nice pink/medium!
I smoke small cuts like chops and such on my two-burner gasser with good results. The only fatty that I have done on the gasser turned out very good. I just have to watch my temps as my grill will get very hot if I'm not careful.
Peter -

That roast looks fantastic! Drummies to. Nice rack you got there I wonder if it'd fit in my ECB? I will have t go back to WallyWorld I guess.

Congrats on the promotion!

The dimensions are
Length= 15 1/2 inches
Width= 6 Inches
Height= 6 & 5/8 inches

I don't know if you can find it at Walmart in the US, But if needed, I could probably ship one down for a couple of bucks shipping charges.

Hope this helps.

I grilled last night and today. Yesterday it was pork steaks and today it was just burgers, but I used all hickory splits.
My kin came down to help out with my Moms house and since my smoker is down, I decided I would try to grill over wood splits instead of charcoal. It was fantastic and the family loved it. I will never buy charcoal again. It's stick burning all the way for me now.
Gunny, you must be going thru some serious smoker DT's with your's being out of commision. I feel for ya.
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