Smokin For The B-Day Bash Today....

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fireman jake

Original poster
Sep 5, 2006
OK, stoked up the fire a made sure the coals were ready to go:

(1) 12 lb brisket
(2) racks pork spare ribs
(2) beer-can chickens
(1) experimental "fatty"

Here are some "before" photos and more from thr "after" later today!




1 chicken has a cajun spice rub on it and the other has a lemon-pepper seasoning on it. I've never smoked a whole chicken (or any chicken for that matter) - so it'll be interesting to see how it turns out!
Chickens are now at 180 degrees - I think it's safe to pull 'em.

Here ya go! Oh yeah, ribs lookin real nice too!


That's the worst part of this whole day - - none of this is for today - it is all for Saturday!!! So, my lesson learned for thr day - - always, I mean always throw something on the smoker to eat today - no matter when you are smokin for.

I smoked all that - and I end up with ham sandwiches for dinner? Noooooo!
Now that just ain't right!! I like to toss in some bratwurst or some Italian Sausage when I'm smoking. Put a couple in at the start, add a couple of more an hour later-flip the first ones over, another hour later check the temps of the first ones & pull 'em if there done, flip the second batch over and add a couple of more. Be snacking good all during the smoke and ya' don't have to share unless ya' get caught! :mrgreen:
Lookin' good Jake! Are those spare ribs, or baby backs? I like the looks of a Corona can used for cooking! Have fun this weekend, let us know how it all goes down. idea Dutch!! I have a tendecy to substitue eat anything I can get my hands on, cuz I can't have what I really want which is what is cooking!

Thanks for the tip!!

Jake you did yourself proud it all looks good!!
Don't forget the cook ALWAYS has the right to quality control samples! 8)

It's going to be a most excellent party. :D Happy Bithday! :D is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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