SMokin' Chicken!

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The beer can method is pretty good. I just used Misses Dash, Goyo Adobo Seasoning, cracked pepper and garlick powder. Slit the skin on the breast and thighs and stuck in a nice size pat of butter. Put 1/2 beer, worcestshire sauce and granulated garlic in the can and a lime in the neck of the chicken. Poked holes in the lime and cut off the bottom so lime juice fell in the can. Came out juicy and tender (even for a 1/2 arse chicken..selection was small at the store). I spritzed it with Balsamic Vinegar salad dressing. Came out really good. Don't let the pink meat fool's just smoke. Use a probe to make sure its done. I think the whole prep took me 15 mins. Cooking time I'm still working on. Took alot longer than I thought it would. But the beer can is the way to go. It's a no brainer as long as you get temps right. And I'm new to whole chickens.
You can use a higher heat for beer butt chicken ...I go to about 300º
Very moist meat with firm skin and done in about 90 minutes.
Slower is the same except for the skin.
Hope that helps!
Don't forget to brine it for at least a few hours before the smoke. I use

1 gallon water
1 c kosher salt
1/2 c brown sugar
1/2 c orange juice
cut up orange
fresh rosemary

Use a food grade bag or container and cover the bird up completely and put in the fridge.

When you take it out of the brine, rinse it off real good inside and out to remove the saltiness. When your done you can also air dry it in the fridge, I've heard that helps with achieving crispy skin. Rub it down with a little butter and freshly ground pepper or maybe some Tony C's seasoning and stuff the cavity with some quartered orange and maybe an onion.
That sounds good Ron. I'm gonna do that brine next time!

When I do beer butt chix, instead of butter, I rub olive oil all over it, inside and out, then add the rub. Nice crispy skin that way also...
Thanks for the quick replies... I am going to try out the brine plus the beer can this sunday....
about what temperature should the bird be at when I take it off?
I did a whole chicken this weekend. I butterflied it and used Galana Street rub from Penzey's. I fired up one side of the propane grill and used peach chips in the smoker box and put enough flame to get a good smoke from the box! Put the chicken on the cold side and in two hours done with a crispy golden skin and very juicy!
I've done several beer can chix. I usually put the olive oil over the entire bird and rub on the rub - inside and out. I usually get a crisp skin and good tender meat, but the flavor isn't as present as I would expect. Will slitting the skin and applying the rub directly to the meat help this? I'm just afraid of drying it out if I slit the skin.
I've seen people put butter and herbs under the skin to help keep roasted chickens moist! The butter could lead to flare ups on the grill, but I stand my beer butt chicken on a old pie pan on the grill. You could mix the rub in the butter and stuff it under the skin! Else I can't think of a way to get rub under the skin very easily by itself!
Love your sig-line. I've tried venison from a friend in TN and it is the best day a venison shoulder ever had, good luck with the hunt.
Noticed that most of all the post are back in 2007. I hope someone reads this. I just bought a smoker and smoked Pork Butt yesterday. Great Tasting.   I want to cook chicken today but not sure how long to smoke.

I have it in a brine soultion of sugar, salt and apple cider vinagar. Can anyone provide some suggestions on what to do next
Stoney, cook to at least 165*f in the Thigh-without touching the bone,180*f is better, but is drier. As stated ,a can up the Keester is about the best way to go...

Hope you do good,  

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