Smokin a ham

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Deer Meat

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Aug 8, 2006
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Hello everyone,

A friend of mine just bought a whole hog and they want me to smoke the ham for them. I couldn't find much information on the subject. What I know is the ham aparrently is already brined and ready to smoke. However I donot know the weight of the ham

What I am looking for is

1) what smoke chamber temperature.
2) what target temperature.
3) wood reccomendations, I plan on a apple & cherry mix.
Deejay Debi has a great Time/Temp chart that you can download from her site that is a great guideline for somoking most anything.

Check her website when you get a chance and download it to your PC.

In the mean time....

225 - 250 degrees - 1.5 Hours per pound - 160 degree internal temp

Wood selection sounds great!

You can do a nice mustard rub followed by a dry rub...... YUMMY!!

I'm doin a store ham myself this coming weekend so we'll have to swap pig stories.

Good Luck on your smoke!!!
Thanks watery Eyes, I forgot about here page, I have checked that out before.

So you plan on rubbing your ham?
I did a little research on the site here today and might trim off a top layer of skin and give her the mustard and rub.

Mine is pre-cooked and spiral cut - so the REAL objective is to get good smoke flavor. A rub is secondary and not really critical in my case.

We'll keep you posted in pictures along the way.....
I plan on posting Q-view as we call it now, but it will not be during the smoke. I will be away from my computer for 11 days. Dang!!
do I need a laptop with wireless internet.
DeerMeat -

Are you smoking them to eat now or to preserve for later?

Dacdots has a post somewhere around here from last fall I think with some absolutely beautiful hams! Well worth the search!
Pulled the Ham yesterday and rubbed her with mustard then sprinkled with rub this afternoon. Wrapped her in Saran wrap and bagged her in the fridge for a smoke at 8:00am Saturday morning.

Will take pics in the morning when I re-apply some rub and get her in the GOSM.....
Here is the ham at 8:00am this morning after being re-rubbed and preped for the smoker...

Shot with DMC-LX2

Shot with DMC-LX2

With the Ham in the smoker I got my Fatty's and Bologna ready to go....

Shot with DMC-LX2

Here is a look at the smoker loaded and getting up to speed...

That's a couple nice Polish Sausages in the middle.

Shot with DMC-LX2

Polish sausages done.....mmmmmm.....

Shot with DMC-LX2

Fatty's and Bologna done.....

Shot with DMC-LX2

Here is a peak at the ham 4 hours in and reading 116 degrees internal....

Shot with DMC-LX2

Will post more when the Ham is done!!
Here are some pictures of the ham when it was pulled from the smoker.

8.5 hours and an internal temperature of 160 degrees.

Shot with DMC-LX2

Shot with DMC-LX2

Coolered it with about 2 ounces of apple juice for two hours.

Pulled and sliced it - served with Wicked Beans and a nice Carolina Slaw.

Shot with DMC-LX2

Definitely recommend this for anyone who has done an Shoulder or Butt...the Hams I bought were $7.00 and $8.00 respectively and were under a $1.00 a pound.

Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoyed eating it....
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