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Feb 3, 2006
Delray Beach, Florida
In reading posts to these forums I keep seeing the Smokeymountain Smokers mentioned. I went to their web sight and am impressed with their pictures,escription an price. I have a charcoal or wood offset, and a gas grill, but really like the looks of the Smokeymountain. One can't have to many grills, guns or fishing rods. Can I get some feedback on thi brand of smoker?

Thanks much,

Scott, aka Bluefrog
Howdy Scott. My wife would love you hadle as she's a big frog collector. How'd you come to choose bluefrog?

What website did you see the Smokeymountain Smokers on? Can you post a link please?

Sorry but after re-reading your post I still couldn't determine if by "Smokeymountain Smokers" you meant Weber Smoky Mountain (WSM) or Great Outdoors Smoky Mountain (GOSM) smoker. A little more info will help.

Welcome to the board.
I was looking at the Great Outdoors Smokey Mountain smoker. I don't remember where I first saw it but have seen it or them mentioned in several post here.
Re my name... I used to know a georgeous girl who was forever singing"I'm in love with the big blue frog and the big blue frog loves me." So I started useing it as a cb handle an have just kept with it.

Scott, First let me tell you that im kinda new to this passion, I received my GOSM for a gift about 2 months ago. I have smoked alot of meat since!! Mostly deer,moose,pheasant,and the beloved FATTIE. Everything has turned out great,from roasts to Jerky. It is truely an awesome piece of equipment, and welcome member to my patio. Although as stated in another thread that I have read, you got to watch out as to which store you purchase from, it has been noted that the same model is available at many different stores. People on this forum have found that the one made available from Wally world (walmart) is not up to the same standards as say the one that is at Gander Mtn. If you are thinkin of makin a purchase....I would definatly say go for it.
Take care and smoke on, Todd
I have owned the GOSM 16"x16"x36" charcoal and propane models. I gave them to family members and upgraded to 2 GOSM Big Block smokers to increase capacity.

The charcoal version needs a charcoal grate added to the firepan for increased performance. The propane versions work perfectly out of the box. With the wider shelves in the big block there is room for full length racks of ribs and large whole packer briskets without having to trim them.

Here is an online store where I've seen them.

Sam's Club, Bass Pro Shops, Cabela's, Gander Mountain, Walmart and a few other stores sell them seasonally. I bought my stainless steel ones at Sam's Club.
Good Morning Scott,
I have used a Charbroil off set for about a year and this past Christmas, my wife gave me a Big Block GOSM (Stainless Steel dual wall) propane/wood type smoker. I have to tell you that it has performed perfectly. I've done some fine briskets, butts, and ribs. I have not yet done chicken but I'm confident it will be fine. It is not as much fun to operate (fire tending etc.) but it is far more efficient. Oh yes, she got mine at Sam's club and I believe it was about $300. I hearty recommend it and wish you many good smokes.
Welcome Blue Frog (and fellow South Floridian)! Please take a few moments and go to "Roll Call" and introduce yourself to everyone! We have lots of GOSM users here that can definitely assist you.

BTW Bob...............I can not find your Stainless Double Walled GOSM anywhere, my friend! You must have been at the right place at the right time!

Scott, bought mine at Menards, and I have nothing but good :lol: things to say about it. Its winter here, and I tend to use it alot more than my offset, because it gas, and very easy to just set and let her smoke. A very good investment. BEAR
OH, my wife would disagree on the alotment of (guns, fishing rods, cookers, meat grinders, tools, tractors, mowers, 4 wheelers, chainsaws, trucks, jeeps, freezers, cooking equipment, etc. ) OK, maybe I do go overboard just alittle, :roll: NA, can't be, go ahead and get the smoker.
I was walking through Sam's Club in January (considered off-season by most) and there they were! A pallet stacked with GOSM Stainless Steel Big Block smokers. I wasn't there to buy a smoker so I looked at them, went on my merry way ..... and the had to go back to look one more time. My wife was with me and don't you know she is a patient woman. I must have mulled over them for at least a half hour or more and then I put one on the cart. It was to my wifeâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]s great surprise when I reached for a second one and heaved it up onto the first one. All she said was, "TWO!" Well, they were to replace the TWO smaller GOSM smokers that I was about to give to HER family.
I suppose I was in the right place at the right time AND she was in the right mood. :lol: We hadn't taken our Christmas tree down yet so I figure it must have been residual Christmas Spirit. :D
Well, I guess it's time to visit Sam's again. My last visit was during the Holidays and they didn't have so much as a Gas Grill on the floor! I'm not a member, but if these units are as nice as I hear Brother Bob profess, I'll buy a membership! All the GOSM's I've seen "up close and personal" so far, have yet to impress me - but if these are Stainless and double- walled (with hopefully a better wood box), I'll probably walk out with one!

Thanks guys!

Website? No I haven't. I'd love to have it, post or IM me with it.

BTW, I called an area Sam's to see if they had the Stainless version...she said yes, but when asked the price, she said $794!!!!!!!!! I recall you saying it was around 3 Bills? I wonder if she was giving me the price on a stainless gas grill?

What say you?

she may have been qouting the price of that members mark smoker...

its ALOT smaller than the GOSM
That had to be a quote for a different type of cooker. My wife bought mine at a Sams's Club in Georgia and it was $298 before tax. It is indeed a stainless steel, double walled big block Gosm. The quality of construction is, in my opinion, outstanding. I have used it probably 4 or 5 times since Christmas and I really am impressed with it. Good luck with your search.
Well...........the girl that finally answered the phone sounded like she was 20, and I think all she heard was "Stainless Steel". Like she would really know the difference in a grill and a smoker? No offense to any "female" members! :D

I think an actual visual inspection is in order.

Bob-Excellent website, I really enjoyed the pics 'tl my stomach started growling! I really got to do some 'que this weekend!! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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