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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by dwayne, Jan 2, 2008.

  1. dwayne

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    I use a Brinkman Smoke King Deluxe verticle Smoker. I started out with a Brinkman Horizontal Smoker first. I seem to have better luck with the Horizontal smoker but I like the versatility I get with the Verticle one such as the hooks and multiple shelving slots which gives me a wider options when smoking more foods.

    One thing is weird for me is I have never gotten tips before as nobody near me smokes so this site is awsome. I learned all on my own so alot of the stuff Im reading is new and some is not but my Temp with the Verticle on a good day reads around 170-190 at most Ive never gotten it over 200 and Ive had good luck.. My Horizontal doesnt have a thermometer on it I wing it by the look and the feel of the meat. Any tips or Ideas would be appreciated like whats best for my climate and such.
  2. homebrew & bbq

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    If you are using the factory built-in thermometer you might want to double check your temps with a digital thermometer with a probe. You can check the digital's accuracy by checking the temp of boiling water.

    Some of the folks here have discovered the built in thermometers are off by 50° or more.
  3. peculiarmike

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    What kind of charcoal do you burn? Lump burns hotter than briquets and adds a bit of flavor.
    You can pick up good Oregon Scientific remote digital thermometers at Lowe's reasonably priced.
  4. ds7662

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    As already stated, if not using lump give it a try. You really should also consider getting a digital thermo and running the probe in at great level to check your smoking temps. Goodluck.
  5. flash

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    You can get an cheap analog oven gauge at Wal-Mart that you can use to compare the gauge on the vertical. I found one of my Brinkman temp gauges was off by -65º. Got a replacement one at Home Depot for around $14 or . And as the other said, pick up a digital temp probe, the one with the 3 foot cord.
    If you still struggle with temps, try using Playbox sand instead. I also bought a wok style plate that fits over the top of my firepan. It is elevated and has holes in it. This allows the ash to fall easier from the coals and does not smother the fire.
  6. dwayne

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    I use mainly Lump and wood for most of the time only use briquettes when I have to.

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