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the smoker king

Original poster
Aug 3, 2007
Victoria TX
Here is a pic of my homemade baby.

I am in the process of building another one, and I will keep you posted with pictures.

Welcome SK!
Looking good! Is this a hobby or profession for you? Looks darn professional if you ask me!

Slide over to Roll Call to get yourself an official SMF welcome!
It is a hobby, and I wish I had more time. Don't we all. I am working on an upright smoker right now with a side firebox/steak grill. I don't have any pictures, but I will soon.

Thank you for the welcome, and I look forward to posting.
Welcome to the SMF. Plenty of great ideas, help, and fun on this forum. That is a very nice looking smoker you've got there, seems as if you may have a flare for working with metal. Good Luck on you ventures.
Well I see the smoker king found us. I am also a member on his website and get there news letter every month. Welcome aboard Aaron.
That is really purdy... I assume that is the same one you pictured on your site with the adjustable baffle? NICE!
Marvin, you been holding out on us?? Or was it just an innocent over-site on your part??
Hey 'Griller, I thought your car only did that trick at Lowe's??
Hey SK, I gotta ask-who did you find with the BIG BRASS ONES to cut that tank for you? I have a chance to pick up one of those 250 gal. propane tanks, but I'm not quite ready to meet my Maker yet if'n you know what I mean!!
for those of you who must cut a tank that once held flammables,you can purge the tank w/ nitrogen or argon gas-neither are flammable & thats what we do when tig welding stainless or "hot" pipe in refineries.
Smoker King, that thing is awesome

FlaGriller I have already sent mine with a trailer, that puppy's to big for the trunk
Thanks gsg, I figured they filled 'em with something. A neighbor suggested that I fill the tank with water before cutting. Don't know if that would work or not to displace any residual fumes.
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