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Apr 29, 2006
Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
So, I buy a smoker last spring and have a hell of a good summer, smoking my days away. However, winter rolls around and I fail to take notice of the condition of my smoker. The harshness of a Canadian winter has taken it's toll on my smoker, theres been soem rust, but it hasn't rusted thrugh, yet. I had a tarp over it, but even when it was tied down it would manage to find a a way off. That and there always seemed to be moisture getting in causing the rust. I almost lost my intake vent to the rust as it almost wouldn't coem apart.

I figure it'll last through the rest of this winter, but i'm not too sure about the next. So, i'm wondering if anybody has any tips on how they keep their smokers over the winter. I'd like to hang onto this one as it was hard to find in my area (Not much demand for meat smoking in my area), and a horizontal smoker of decent size was pretty hard to find. Thank you to anyone who can help.
That's what I do to my Silver Smoker every winter, then cover it real good. I know the paint will burn off over the summer, but seems to keep a hold on the continuing rust.
How about lining it with some extra parts.

Build a "shack" to place the smoker in when it is not in use.

Keep it painted with high temp paint

Let it rust it will give you a reason to buy a bigger smoker.

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