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    sorry , i just found this.

     as long as there is no mold you do not need to clean the inner walls after every smoke.

     when the build up gets heavy i scrape mine but do not clean.
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  3. You don't want to de-season it I wouldn't think.
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    Yeah.. just keep the heavy build up from accumilating and you are good.
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    I have a wood burner (Klose 24x30) I just scape it every spring and wipe it down with bacon grease....start a hot fire, and I'm good for the season! :)
  6. Clean it? took me since Christmas to get the thing looking and smelling right.  Sometime when there is no leftovers in the house I just go out and sniff the thing to make me feel better.
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  7. And i thought i was the only one !! [​IMG]
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    I put my racks in the dishwasher, cleaned easy! I use some ash and water with paper towels to clean my MES window.
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  9. I don't know much about the electric smoker but cleaning the pan and anything at the bottom that would have heavy accumulations of fat and or grease can and should be cleaned. The aroma of a well seasoned smoker is a wonderful thing. Rancid fat is not. We clean the trays with a wide putty knife as they are too big to go in a dishwasher. Beyond that, I wouldn't fool with it.
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    Could never clean my smoker, would break my heart, all of those endless hours disinfected away.  Nothing a good smoke couldn't clean up, amirite?
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    I clean the grates and water pan everything else is candy imo.
  12. I would never clean the walls. Like others have said that is good stuff on those walls. I enclose my outdoor kitchen during the winter. A friend of mine told me the other day that i have the best air freshener he ever smelled. I didn't understand until he said it smells like smoked meats there all the time. Cant get that great smell if you wash it away. Hes right, its an awesome smell coming from the smoker even when just sitting there not being used. I also just put the grates in the dishwasher after every use.
  13. I've been wondering about this myself.  I got one for Christmas and was wondering if and when I should clean it.  I usually just clean the racks and water pan.  I have been cleaning the wood chip pan, does anyone else do this too?

  14. Haha, good one.
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    I don't wash the wall only the bottem were the dripings gather.
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    Thanks for the thread, I've been wondering myself. I haven't touched the sides but do wipe out the grease and stuff from the bottom with paper towels. My water pan is full of sand so I just use foil or a foil pan for drippings so I don't have to clean that. The wood pan gets burnt out every smoke.

    Hope I am good in my methods.
  17. I put foil in the bottom to catch the drippings and I remove it each time. I clean it each time because I don't want mold to grow or have ants. I've only been smoking for two months so there shouldn't be a lot of build up.
  18. After you season the smoker, the layer that you build up, will effect how well the smoker works. If you remove this "insulation" layer you are starting all over again. But if you only use it a few times of the year, clean the walls. It will be years before you build up a good layer. By cleaning it once a season you actually keep it cooking the same year to year.

    Whether you cook a lot or a little always clean the drip pan and accessories that accumulate fat. As for the grill rack it depends on what it is made of. The chrome ones tend to rust so I clean it. As for the steel ones, its debatable. Keep an eye on mold or little critters getting in there.
  19. I'm using a couple of Cookshack smokers and for the most part, the grill racks are easily cleaned in the dishwasher. The drip pan I do by hand because of size. On the bottom rack I place a dollar store foil tray that has two inch sides, and is literally "rack-wide", which literally catches any fats dripping. Sometimes, in that tray, I use another smaller square tray, with apple juice and Jack Daniels in it, for flavour during the smoke. I never touch the walls of the smoker with any cleaners. If you did want to re-due everything, and re-season the smoker, I would suggest that you use a good steamer, no chemicals!

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    Even tho fairly new; I try to clean around the gasket, the racks, the chip tray, the drip pan, the water pan every time used with a good degreaser and then soap and water (especially the racks that come in contact with the food). Cleaning the window in the MES 30 digital is useless. Also clean the meat probe (comes in contact with food)and occasionally the smoker temp sensor.

    Kinda OCD about the parts that come in contact with food..


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