Smokeman Pellet Smoker Problems

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Apr 13, 2024
My Smokin' Brothers!!

I have never had a smoker before. My bossman gave me his old Smokeman pellet smoker a few years back when he bought a RecTec. I tried it out, but could never really get it hot enough to cook, although it did put out some smoke. I have been busy for a few summers and never got back to it.

I pulled it out today to get ready for a smokin' summer and can't get it to stay running. Auger started, smoke came out for a bit, then it just shut off. If I fiddle and fart with it, I can get it to start up for a few seconds, then the fans and auger shut off.

It doesn't have a thermostat. Just a on/off switch and a 3 position switch... High - Medium - Smoke. I took it apart and reseated the electrical connections and threw some pellets in the smoke pot, but to no avail. So sad....

Any ideas from the experts out there?
Sounds like an issue with the controller.

I don't know what a Smokeman pellet smoker is.
Googled it, and got one hit, this thread.
Got a picture of it?
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I know, right? I Googled Smokeman and didn't get anywhere. That's when I found Smokin' Meat Forums and was hoping y'all could help me out.

Here are a couple pictures of the Smokeman. She has some miles on her for sure. Just hopin' to breathe some smoke back into her. I am trying to get by without spending much money this summer.


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There could be one or two thermal cut off switches in it that frequently fail but are cheap to replace. (Guessing the right value may take a bunch of our collective wisdom) Alternately there could be a temperature probe inside like the newer ones have.
Can you give us some closeup pics of what's visible inside the cook chamber? Also if you turn it on its side or upside down, you can probably remove a panel to look INSIDE the "controller" region. It would be helpful to figure out the wiring/schematic for the thing.
The patent is the original Traeger patent. I think this might be collectible, but then again I love junk more than I should
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