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May 2, 2007
when choosing "lets say a large ham" from a walk in smokehouse what do you look for in deciding on what ham to take?
Chrish, personally for me , I would be looking at the fat cap , and the amount of color the ham has , the browner the better IMO , are you loooking at leg hams or picnics ? are they whole or cut ?? as far as the fat cap, the leg hams will be thicker than the picnics, you should be able to tell about how thick it is by looking at the rind , where the meat has been seperated by the butcher.
the last time i was at the amana colony where they have a large smoke house i asked the old boy there the same question and he said they pull the ones with the most amount of mold on it, then its trimmed and washed for packaging, this is a german colony and they smoke some of the best hams ive ever had he also has samples that he cooks right there in an electric skillet and the ham glaze they make is out of this world.

but mold is the key element.
There was a show on one of the food channels where they were showing how they cured fine capicollo and proscuitto, actually prosciutto di Parma ....mold caps were wonderful and the hams were hanging in the open air up in the high mountains.

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